The Marijuana Economy

Isn’t the entire premise of modern economy resting on the power of a human being’s mind to conceptualize and produce materials, machines and software which add value and expand the reach of mankind intellectually, spurring us on to greater heights and bringing us ever closer in answering the fundamental questions bothering humans since the dawn of the thinking age?

The concepts of free trade and capitalism rest on the premise that a man/woman, through the sheer power of his/her mind in his/her chosen specialisation, by the use of natural resources, through the common medium of money, generate value for other equally great minds to buy that value, through their respective specialisations.

In this way, each person’s efforts of creation are on sale, so that the creator now can buy another person’s creation to satisfy needs and wants.

If the marijuana economy is allowed to flourish, wouldn’t it supplement each and every other industry, assuming that genetically bred marijuana increases productivity and creative thinking, whilst promoting universal happiness and peace among mankind?