Green Beginnings

Malcolm ran to the bathroom. His butt hadn’t even touched the cold surface of the toilet, when his sphincter unloaded the biggest dump of his life.

He was 19 years old.

Malcolm groaned and grinned in ecstasy, as he produced more turds of crap, and a few drops of the water below, splashed, hitting his butt from underneath.

He felt like Superman, and he grinned further, his eyes, stark red and stoned, absolutely at peace with himself and the world, with no enemies or responsibilities to worry about.

His mind wouldn’t rest, spewing out random thoughts about sex, food and the universe, as if his body were nothing but a vessel to satisfy every depravity imaginable to man.

He moaned inaudibly as he directed a stream of water towards his ass, the cold sensation activating every nerve of his body with vibrating pleasure.

His head became light, and he could think clearly.

He decided to sleep. He’d woken up 13 minutes ago. The last thing he saw before his eyes shut down, was the bag of fresh organic marijuana, sourced from two contacts 73 kilometres away.

He smiled in his sleep.