United by Herb

She woke up at the crack of dawn, just a few minutes before the sun would start it’s ascend.

The first thing she realised, was she wasn’t in her bed, secondly, she was stark naked, and finally, thirdly, she was alone inside a one room apartment, attached with a bathroom.

She wasn’t surprised.

She couldn’t remember, the number of times, she’d found herself naked in unrecognisable bedrooms, not that she gave any fucks, but sometimes she’d feel a tinge of guilt the next morning, like she did now.

She shrugged, lighting a cigarette, from an open box handily placed beside the bedstand. She didn’t bother dressing, her clothes were arranged neatly, folded and pressed on the table opposite.

“Fancy that” she shrugged.

She heard the flush inside the bathroom. Leaping to her feat, she rushed to cover herself, ending up using the bedsheet. The bathroom door opened.

It was her boyfriend.

“Hi” He smiled. “Could you pass me the cigarette?”

“Hi..when did you get this place?”

“Good question. I rented it last week.”

She didn’t know what to say. But he did. Inhaling the cigarette deeply, he said

“I saw you grinding your hips on another guy last night at the bar. You looked great, I must say” His tone wasn’t angry, but neither was it calm, or happy or even sad. She’d never heard such an emotionless statement before, which conveyed anything about her appearance.

He continued.

“Both of you were sloshed out of your mind. The other guy was funny, actually, I’ll give him that credit.” His smile turned into a dangerous smirk.

He continued.

“Somehow you didn’t recognise me, so I offered to drop you guys home, only thing being that, I didn’t. I got you guys here” He laughed, gesturing around the dingy room.

She felt something she’d never felt before in her life, a feeling of complete and utter dread, a sinking feeling deep in the pit of her stomach mingled with a deadly premonition. She was scared.

“What did you do!” She screamed.

He smiled again, but this time gleefully, without any abandon, from his heart.

“After we came here, you puked. We undressed you a little, after which you threw your clothes plus your lingerie in my dustbin. I’ve washed and ironed them”

“What did you do to him!” She screamed again, her breasts heaving with anxiety.

“Nothing much. We scored some marijuana, smoked it and passed out. He left 2 hours back, after we smoked another couple.”