Booming Sense

Malcolm felt depressed after reading the newspaper. Violence, evil and scams formed at least 20% of it, which was morally unacceptable according to Malcolm. How could men and women succumb to evil? "Can't men and women understand the purpose and sanctity of life?" Sins listened to him in deep thought. This was a regular conversation … Continue reading Booming Sense

The Evil Herb

"Forgiveness is for the weak. Why should the onus be on the sufferer, to first endure the perpetrated act, and then issue a pardon. I believe, in this case the sufferer has full rights to retaliate his/her brand of suffering to the perpetrator. Forgiveness is for the weak" Mr. Sins listened to the man in … Continue reading The Evil Herb

Marijuana and the Universe

"Tell me the truth. Do you believe in God?" "I believe in the concept" "Really? Tell me the concept" "I think we humans have overused and simplified the concept of God, due to which we are seeing polarisation and wars fought over religion. I mean, how many times have we seen sane people reiterate again … Continue reading Marijuana and the Universe

Old School Marijuana

It's said that home is where an individual's true heart is. Of course, the generalzed statement is subjective. Punk gods Green Day's famous hit, Jesus of Suburbia featured a stand out lyric - Home is where the heart is, but what a shame, Cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same. Music has stirred humankind's soul … Continue reading Old School Marijuana

Reminiscing History

Rajiv Gandhi, the erstwhile prime minister of India had been a good man, who didn't deserve to die the way he did. Mr. Sins loved the former prime minister, like his father did. Growing up, still in school, Mr. Sins had idolised the man, developing fleeting interests in political science and history. He didn't deserve … Continue reading Reminiscing History