Old School Marijuana

It’s said that home is where an individual’s true heart is. Of course, the generalzed statement is subjective. Punk gods Green Day’s famous hit, Jesus of Suburbia featured a stand out lyric –

Home is where the heart is, but what a shame,

Cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same.

Music has stirred humankind’s soul for centuries, so much that it seems prudent not to justify it’s laudable role in our evolution, but accept the fact as a universal truth.

Legacy fans cringe when they sample the modern lyrics and riffs, passed off as master pieces. What they miss is, the tastes were always there, it’s just that our current forms of ultra superior communication tools have given the supposedly not-so-good artists access to their fan base. In short, legacy fans, if you feel true music is being ignored, blame the internet. Because kids listen and imbibe whatever they hear first, and the internet firms, in a bid to grab eyeballs peddle this music first, which for its part, is packaged with fancy clothes and women.

Old school music has to be found. Legacy fans, relax. True music, art forms to be treasured can never die.

Mr. Sins deliberated about the above issues for a long time. Once upon a time, it occupied his every waking moment. Gradually, he realised he couldn’t force the mundane crowd to consume his brand of music, amplified and stimulated using marijuana.

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