Enlightened and Free

“Are you gay?”

Malcolm’s mind went into overdrive, his brain’s neuron connections linking together at light’s speed to come up with an offended answer.

Malcolm turned around in a flash, like a frog struck by lightning, jumpy and jittery at the same time. Firstly, he was struck by the feminine tone, it was soft, like the smooth tunes emanating from a violin, pleasant and soothing. Malcolm wanted to see the lady had thrown this question at him again, had she followed him? He didn’t resent the question, he was curious about the lady he’d met, half an hour earlier.

He turned around, and saw .. no one. He was standing on a lonely stretch of road, populated only by a few disinterested labourers, working half-heartedly on the foundations of an under construction high-rise.

There was no one standing behind Malcolm. Perplexed, he wondered if his mind had imagined it. After all, he was as drunk as a pirate. He’d tried to convince the woman to come back to his place, but the lady hadn’t been interested one bit.

In fact, the only thing he remembered about her had been the question, addressed to him in a casual, yet amused manner

“Are you gay” She’d asked him at the bar.


And that was it. She left five minutes later, as suddenly as he had met her. Malcolm sat down under the streetlight, and wondered if he should passout under the orange shaded rays of neon light. He felt strangely at peace, sitting underneath.

He whipped out his cannabis joint hugging the flat box by the dude of his jeans, and lit it.

He felt enlightened.

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