Unawareness helps the Elected

“I can’t believe you’re ready to accept what you’re being told by the elected. How can you?”

“The people of this country have put them in power. What do you want me to do?”

“You can introspect, question and try to understand as to whom they’re pandering to. The bigwigs or the suppressed? Both the classes have inputs, the bigwigs put up the campaign money to entice the poor and hopefuls for votes, while the latter being huge in number has put up the votes. Us, on the other hand, the in-betweeners must try and educate the public at large about the vested interests of different groups”

“Seems too far fetched to me. We must believe in our elected”

“Believe them blindly? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Why do you always try to put me in a blind spot?”

“It’s because you are blind”

Sins stopped silent. He knew he had been caught in a sensitive issue. He did agree to a few things though.

Sins was guilty of jingoism. He had a tendency to believe in lies packaged as sensationalism and feelings of nationalist sentiments. When pointed out his foolhardy behaviour, he found that his self ego would refuse to accept true facts serenaded by other people. He would feel angry, more at himself than anything, courtesy his lack of political knowledge.

Sins started to read more that day, and gradually realised how politics and the economy were interwined with each other, especially more so in a developing country, where lack of awareness was a huge problem.

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