Cannabis Work

“Hi, this is Mr. Sins speaking. Could you please connect me to your Head of Marketing?”

“And where are you from sir?”

“You can tell him it’s his old acquaintance calling. Actually, off the record, I just want to surprise him. Oblige me, will you?”

“I’m sorry Sir, I won’t be doing that”

“I’m sorry, What do you mean?”

“She’s a lady, Sir. Have a good day”

The receptionist hung up. Sins cursed, listening to the annoying hum of the electric transmission. Taking a few deep breaths, he chastised himself for forgetting to check the Brand’s Head of Marketing on LinkedIn.

He got up from his workdesk, and headed to the coffee kiosk. It’d been a strange day. Firstly, he had missed his usual train by seconds. Secondly, he hadn’t been able to take a shit in the morning.

Thirdly, a lady in the train had stamped on his shiny black shoes, soiling it with green dust coating. Fourthly, his favourite football team had lost their early morning match, which had kick-started the strangeness, since he’d woken slightly late anyway.

The coffee machine whirred to life, at his gentle prompting. It reminded him of the ATM machine. That reminded him, he would need cash to buy his weekly herbal requirements. This also reminded him to take a break before lunch, head to the playground nearby and light the cannabis joint.

Yes, that would rework his strange day forward into a magical evening, and possibly an exquisite night. Starr would be visiting him.

Sins went into a Zone for the next 2 hours, stimulated by dopamines and caffeine.

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