First Love

Sins had just arrived at McDonald’s small outlet, opened near his rented accommodation two weeks ago. Whilst texting away in auto mode into his phone, his attention caught the whiff of a familiar perfume trudge inside through the door.

It was her

He had chosen the most secluded spot at the store, in front of a wall painted bright yellow, and featuring a few framed photographs of minimalistic art.

He hoped she would notice him.

So far she showed no signs of having seen him. She seemed to have come alone. He tried to eavesdrop, as she placed her order, and frowned. Her order was for two, two large burgers and two large cokes. Well, she wasn’t alone after all, he made to console himself.

A quick 2 minutes went past, she glued to her phone and he trying not to look at her. She got her order, and walked towards his direction. Sins’ breath caught in his throat slightly, as his rear vision told him she was coming nearer by the micro second.

She was in front of him, he didn’t lift his head up.

“Hi Sins, long time”

Sins nearly fell off his chair. Did it mean she had bought the extra burger and coke just for him? No, impossible. Don’t over think, he told himself.

“Hi Starr, long time”

Their eyes locked, and the memories came hurtling by, of friendship, smiles, anger and the pent-up emotions, neither communicated nor expressed properly.

A tear formed slightly at the edge of her eyes, and she smiled sadly.

“Still, Sins?”

“Always, Starr”

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