Ignorance is Lazy

“I don’t want your ghastly opinion, I want facts”

“You’re terming my opinion as ghastly. Isn’t that your opinion?”

“I’ll ask you one last time. Why did you have to behave like that to her? Can’t you stop questioning everything?”

Sins didn’t want to speak any more. He had had it. He was done with people, their feelings, their opinions, their tastes, their everything. Why couldn’t they simply practice the concept of Live and Let Live?


Sins walked away, leaving Malcolm hanging in mid-sentence. It was a spontaneously planned meeting. Malcolm had a meeting in the same office sector as Sins. His meeting had gone well, post which he had bought his new acquaintance along.

Sins had taken them to the middle of the playground to light his daily routine pre-lunch joint. His acquaintance had judged him. Exactly as he had expected.

“People like you are such losers. You’ll never get anywhere unless you discipline yourself”

“What’s discipline?”

“Being good to everything, including your body. How else are you going to attain financial success?”

“How much is financial success?”

“Enough to afford everything you want”

“What is everything?”

“Stop asking stupid questions. People like you just want to pretend smart, you’re a loser”

“How does one qualify to be a loser?”

“My god, I can’t believe you. Malcolm, are you sure this person is your best friend?”

“Yes. Just answer his questions. He’s a very sweet man”

Sins watched her face sqirm slightly. He could almost hear the gears inside her brain, switching from low to high, and then back to low.

“Well, if you’re that smart as you’re pretending, why don’t you answer those questions?”

“Ok. Firstly, all your statements were subjective and invalid. There is no mechanism on Earth through which you can assess a person’s worth. Zilch, not one. The financial assessment is the easiest, because it’s a number. Physical assessment is even easier, but then it’s subjective to manipulation”

“So one hand, you’ve the audacity to label me a loser, which is okay really, since I don’t care. Secondly, you can’t jusify any one of your opinions, yet you label me a loser simply because I raised the valid questions in the first place. Thirdly, and most appallingly, you chose not to think about the questions. That’s mental laziness. Mental laziness will definitely not make one successful, choose any category of success you want, for the simple fact that you can serve, and not lead”

She walked away. Sins called after her.

“Ignoring logical questions won’t get you anywhere lady”

Malcolm glared at him.

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