Birthday Pizza

An ear splitting headache woke up Sins earlier than usual. He had never experienced such a sensation before, it felt like something was growing inside his head, reminding him of the theme of terrifying alien parasites breeding inside his body. He closed his eyes quickly at the thought.

It was Sins’ birthday today.

He had passed out before the countdown to midnight, after inhaling a gigantic shot of laced marijuana. It was one of the worst, if not the worst decisions of his life. His mind flashed him images of his body slowly loosing it’s human features and kidnapping fellow humans to breed a new species.

Sins had to move. The commision had a special project for him. If he passed it, he would be promoted to move bigger quantities and increase his sales around the region. More contacts, and more new projects would await him. The sensation inside his mind deepened, like a fist squeezing and rinsing his soft brain, draining out spinal fluids and making him dizzy, as if he was seated on a super fast merry go round play machine.

He wanted to just lie on his comfortable bed all day, wrapped inside his blanket and insulated from the real world. Sins wanted to go into hibernation, and emerge a few months later with a completely fresh slate. He wished he could go back in time and rework things according to his liking.

He dialled for a pizza soon after.

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