Malcolm stood under a coconut tree waiting for the rain to subside. The tree didn’t help one bit, as he’d expected. He was soaked, the water had seeped all the way to his skin, through every minutely woven threads of his clothes including his underwear.

He was disgusted. It wasn’t supposed to be raining like this, at this time of the year. It was winter, Malcolm’s favourite season, the only time of the year when the weather would be pleasant in his tropically situated country.

He hoped that a coconut wouldn’t fall on his head, and strike him dead. He wondered if the fall, would change the shape of his skull, and make it flatter. He dismissed the grim image from his mind quickly.

He wasn’t alone. The place was a popular pick-up point for sharing cabs. Once in a while, even privately owned vehicles would stop to offer their services, and to make extra cash on the side.

He needed to get to the station.

He decided to walk.

He was so cold, that he resolved to snatch the first umbrella in his sight, and fight off the person who owned it. At least the fight would make him slightly warm. This would simply be survival of the fittest.

The road was almost abandoned. Vehicles passed him by in full swing, ignoring his desperate hand movements. He cursed the rain again.

He felt frustrated. He wanted to beat the two people walking in front of him to pulp.

They had an umbrella. Malcolm increased his pace. It was now or never. He hoped he could take out both of them. He wasn’t sure if they were male or female or both, his vision was blurred, and he had stashed his specs inside his bag.

He ran towards them in full speed intending to crash into them, snatch their umbrella and run away into the distance. He cursed his bag for obstructing his speed.

He was 10 metres behind them, when they turned.

Sins and his girlfriend stared at him in shock.

Malcolm crashed into Sins. His girlfriend screamed.

Sins got up first, and yelled at her.

“Run! The guy’s back to take his damn umbrella!”

Sins and his girlfriend ran, leaving Malcolm staring at the open sky.

Malcolm ran after them again.

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