Food Economy

Sins felt the feeling of insecurity building up within him, bit by bit, drop by drop. Irrespective of trying to think and act positive, the fine margins between anxiety and calm seemed ready to give in, and consume his days, and progress into disturbed nights.

He wanted to scream.

Sins wasn’t a deprived man. He had the comfort of a warm bed, hot meals, decent financial status, if not spectacular, loving parents, a decent social life, a good mentor, great grandparents, a smartphone, a PC, and even a laptop.

Sins wasn’t a deprived man.

It was just that, sometimes he felt so empty that it hurt. It hurt like sharp quick stabs of pain to his heart. All he was left with was one question, and it had manifested itself deep inside his mind, like a stubborn smudge of dirt that refused to go away.

The question was the bane of his life.

It made every task on his hands, so hard. It made the smallest things feel like moving mountains with his bare hands. Again and again, he would ask himself, what is the point of anything?

“Hey Sins, why so down? Cheer up man”. What’s the point of cheering up?

“Hey Sins, you better finish the report. The deadline is due” What’s the point of the economic system?

“Hey Sins, let’s watch a TV show” What’s the point of watching it?

“Hey Sins, we must work hard for the raise we want” What’s the point?

“The answer to all your questions is money, my friend”

“No, don’t tell me money is the point of everything. Money is the means to satisfy our basic needs first, and then our deepest desires or impulses. The financial system is too boring. Why not replace the financial system with food?”


“Yeah, think about it. Let’s abandon the system of dependency on industries and factories. Let’s say, on a timeline of 50 years, we shift all our focus on two key aspects only. Electricity and food systems. Imagine. All our innovative power harnessed into Renewables and Food. After this, we shall replace our system of payments via money, to, a system of payments by food. We shall end poverty and hunger”

“Let’s think about this”

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