Habitual Intoxication

As Sins headed out via his apartment’s gate, the winter fog enveloped him as if he were a grand new entrant in a famous theater play. The road felt like an infinitely stretched stage, on whose creaky boards passers by went about their daily routines half-heartedly.

Sins knew he was at a crossroads in his life.

Why he felt so, was because he had created and sustained a vicious circle of habits, which in turn consumed a precious amount of time, time which he would later feel could have been put to better use.

The next day, the same cycle of vicious events would repeat, leading Sins to curse himself day in, day out to no avail. He felt, time and opportunity was passing him by, and he, in his ignorance and failure to discipline himself through the repetition of good habits, was blind to it all.

He was simply, existing.

He would also get access to content, which talked about the futility of trying hard, and the mistake of taking life too seriously in the pursuit of financial wellness. He sincerely believed in the dangers of excess, but he didn’t have the required scale of wealth, to introspect, or even qualify for the dangers in the first place.

He was a living case of the blatant mockery of the phrase – where there’s a will, there’s a way. In his case, the magical act of will, was lost in a clutter of thoughts befuddled by laziness and intoxication.

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