At the crack of dawn, a man was allegedly seen walking on the railway tracks in a drunken stupor, mumbling words to himself. The witnesses, two early morning joggers, swore they had seen the man begin running towards an incoming train, fully intending a head-on collision.

This statement was the one which perplexed the cops.

There was no trace of that man. He had seemingly vanished.

“Sir, it’s an open and shut case. The man probably blew into smirtheens the moment he touched the train”

“Well, I’m sure he hasn’t blown into powder. By now, his mangled body should have been found”

“We can’t do much other than register a report on what the witnesses said. There no point in disbelieving them. You saw the stretch they pointed out yourself. The place is spotless. There’s no trace of blood, let alone body parts”

“We can’t pander to every Tom, Dick and Harry, who likes to get drunk and crash into trains. I don’t buy into this vanishing phenomenon, though I am not questioning the sanity of the joggers. As a matter of fact, an early morning jogger is probably the most reliable witness ever. Their minds are the sharpest at that early hour”


“For all we know, the drunk veered off the track at the last moment, and wandered off into the wilderness a few metres away. Chuck this, I’m not reporting any of this. He was probably a vagabond”

“The joggers said the man was wearing a suit. So, it definitely wasn’t a vagabond”


“You heard me”

“That’s it. Let’s leave this place. Im done with this. As far as we are concerned, this incident never happened. You heard me? This never happened. Now get outta here”

783 metres away from the two cops, a man was lying passed out cold, in the wilderness. He was wearing an Armani Suit and a Rolex watch.

A few metres away, lay an unfinished cannabis joint. In the man’s dreams, he relived the rush of adrenaline from running towards the train, and drifting off at the last second, surrounded by a layer of cold fog.

In the company of the blessed trees, he thought he had found ecstasy and enlightenment.

The man smiled in his sleep.

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