The Beginning of Lord Sins

When Sins was 7 years old, and mature enough to remember and dwell on his memories, he saw the mighty train engine. The day had been a late one, with the full moon alight in the sky, in all its splendour, holding its gaze over the vast train network below. The image lay imprinted in Sins’ mind.

The next day, he went to the bustling station again, without telling anyone, and timed his journey while his mother lay fast asleep during the dull hours of mid-afternoon. Sins’ dog, affectionately called and known as Gypsy had followed him, in spite of all his aggravation, to not to. The pair of them looked comical, looking at the passing trains, and attracting all kinds of stares, from curiosity to amusement. He had left after 23 minutes, hoping his mom hadn’t noticed, and created a furore.

When Sins was 10 years old, he had smashed his classmate’s head against a wall, and laughed in glee at his new found strength, thinking about Superman. After a sound thrashing at home, plus a suspension from school for a week, he had changed his mind about Superman, preferring to devote his attention to cartoons like Scooby-Doo.

Sins understood he had done wrong, and thanked his stars that, nothing out of the ordinary had happened to his classmate, although the rest of the class now seemed to be afraid of him. The year had been memorable, culminating with him taking part in a drama play, disguised as Lord Buddha.

When Sins was 13 years old he was well briefed and aware about matters of the flesh and sexuality. He had also increasingly begun to daydream for long hours, a habit he had had before, but now grown alarmingly fast.

Currently, his dreams featured a variety of landscapes, ranging from the dizzying heights of mountains, to the fresh salty air of the sea, interwoven with beautiful women who were much elder to him. Life was great, and wonderfully beautiful. Mornings were spent at school, afternoons at home, evenings playing football, and the blessed nights in dreams.

Often, in the dead of night, he found himself stealthily proceeding to the living room to access the internet, which Sins had found to be visually enlightening, so much that it became a daily habit. He experimented with all types of words on the magical search bar.

The results never disappointed him.

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