Octopus Football Club

A sorry state of affairs loomed on the horizon for Octopus Football Club, as the referee whistled for half time. Sins stood on the touchline watching the kids, all aged between 11 and 12, morosely trudge back to listen to him, their manager and coach for the past 2 months.

Octopus Football Club had been the initiative of a few ambitious parents who were long time fans of the beautiful game, and wished the same for their kids. They realised the attitudes and values sport bought to their lives, and were doubly keen for their kids to imbibe the same, plus it presented an opportunity for substituting their digital adrenaline for real adrenaline.

Sins was known around the locality as a Sports Management professional, who had wished to become a professional footballer himself, but lack of awareness and peer pressure had put a stop to that endeavour. Sins had been excited to be given the chance to manage a newly formed youth football club, and earnestly registered the club to the district youth league which was beginning in a month, plenty of time to get things on the pitch rolling.

Today, on a bright Saturday morning, Octopus Football Club trailed by 3 goals to nil on their debut match.

Sins was high.

He stared at the kids approaching towards him, their faces hung in shame. Sins was overjoyed. He was coaching a team, finally. So what if they had begun badly? We’ve 15 games more to go, he would take them atop the table.

The parents looked happy as well. Their kids were away from the screens at last, they would finally learn reality now.

Sins gestured the kids to sit down and take deep breaths.

“Kids, I only have two things to say. One, all of you are champions. You heard me? You are champions. Each and every one of you. Your parents are proud of you. Go on, wave at them, they’re sitting there”

The Parents waved back enthusiastically, the kids now had smiles on their faces.

“Two, I need you to close your eyes till the second half whistle blows, and think of a picture in your mind. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes coach!” They shouted in unison. Sins was overjoyed, that marijuana high deepened.

“From now on, for every match, for every practice session you’ll visualize a picture of our team holding the district youth league cup in our hands. Alright? Think about the big shiny cup in your hands, in front of a thousand numbered crowd”

The kids closed their eyes. All of them. Sins watched them squirm their minds to imagine the glorious picture.

The referee blew his whistle after 5 minutes, to commence the second half. The kids entered the field without any hurry, with big bright smiles on their faces.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw.

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