Anti-Social Brethren

Malcolm wished he could be high all the time. But, then he figured the novelty of peace and bliss would gradually become the new sober state of the mind, post which he would crave a higher feeling anyway. He decided he would be happier with how things were currently, where upliftment of the mind was guaranteed to create ecstasy and creativity, relieving him of mundane normality, which he experienced everyday in the form of dumb opinions, talks and judgements from equally dumb, opionated and judgmental people of both sexes.

Today had been such a day.

His daily rigours of mental stimulation and content creation had been rudely interrupted by a colleague, who turned into a couple of colleagues over the day, seeking to distract him from his targets through unwarranted comments about people.

He had mentally categorised the colleagues as small minds.

His lack of interest hadn’t been well received either, leading him be termed as unsocial and non-networked, which apparently would cause him to stay where he was for many years to come.

Malcolm wasn’t bothered by the comments. He continued to accumulate more thoughts about creating content, and read till lunch hour.

He ate like a starving dog.

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