Bare Essentials

The chill in the air was palpable, as Sins made his way out of the station, to the buffet hosted by a colleague from work. The venue, Barbecue Nation was slightly familiar, his last visit having taken place when he was in college two years ago. His mouth salivated when he remembered the soft pieces of tenderly roasted chicken and beef.

People around him walked in packs and droves, across a narrow lane divided for both ways of traffic, draped in woolen wear of all colours and sizes. Sins’ eyes could easily interpret the scenario as a rainbow costume extravaganza, coupled with an imaginary scene of a gigantic bonfire surrounded with dancing people, arm-in-arm and celebrating the emanating warmth.

Ahead of him by a few paces, walking and staggering like a drunk, was Sins’ roommate. Sins had no inkling of engaging him enroute, the man was as obnoxious as a runaway eleven year old. Sins avoided his gaze, and decided to go hurry, a bite at Barbecue Nation was a good twenty minute walk. He had no intention of entering his home, the atmosphere was toxic, and he used the place for intoxication anyway.

Their two room flat, was one among the many teeming flats rented out by groups of bachelors, and handily located ten minutes from the railway station by walk. For him, the room was just that, a non living room, and he treated it as such. There were no bedstands, just mattresses lain out on the floor. No tables, just floors. No cupboards, just floors. No buckets, no stove, no gas, no broom and certainly no television.

All the flat contained were bare essentials. Mattresses, fans, tube lights, a dirty but well functioning bathroom, books, their clothes, washing powder and scrub, their laptops, a phone line and hence an internet connection.

Sins was very happy with the arrangements.

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