Cannabis along the Sea

The giant screen tilted towards the oncoming crowd from the east end of the city. The crowd, a mass of humanity, most of them early risers on their way for a fast start at office, would meet the newly constructed bridge connected to the west end. The giant screen lay exactly at the centre of the intersection, hoisted 15 metres above the ground.

The screen read, in bright red letters – 7 billion and counting. Beside the number, a couple lay down in an intimate position, holding a pack of branded condom in their hands. Sins stared at the advertisement, as he walked with the crowd, and a hundred pair of eyes followed him to the board. Amusement and frowns took over their expressions, including a few laughs. Sins personally thought the message conveyed was striking. No one could possibly ignore the glowing figures – 7 billion. It was simple and had great recall value.

The crowd of office goers diverted their paces across two directions evenly, outside the station complex or the connecting trains for different routes. Sins went straight, having no intention to work today. He wanted to soak in the glorious winter weather, wonderfully pleasant courtesy his tropical country. He had two cannabis joints placed inside the thin lining separating two portions in his bag.

The sea was nearby, the low hanging clouds conveying an illusion of a flat world, whose ends lay right in front of him. He climbed down steadily to the rocks, balancing himself by spreading his arms wide and crouching when required to. He found himself straddling the edge of a strategically placed rock, which would allow the sea mist to spray water bullets on his tiny body.

Sins marvelled at the sheer vastness canvassing in front of his eyes. He felt insignificant, like a tiny speck of grain facing off against hundred Hulks. He felt the calm vibrations of the cannabis, coupled with the monstrous image of the sea, steadily build up within him inducing a sense of humility and wonder.

Sins remained there for 4 hours. His foresight about his behaviour that day, ensured he had carried water, doughnuts, Snickers, spring rolls and sandwiches with him.

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