Dismembered in Dirt

His screams reverberated across the small dingy alleyway, soaked by now in the relentlessly pounding rain. The three men led him by his arms towards their car, a plain black coloured Ford parked at the alley’s entrance. He couldn’t believe this fate would befall him. Tears of anger and grief streamed across his already wet face, as he came to terms with the horrible sight he had just witnessed, when the three men had carved his long time friend’s body open from the waist, ripping apart his insides with machetes, while a fourth, presumably the driver kept his eyes forced wide open.

He would never forget the scene. The dark alley, stinking with muck and urine, and his friend’s body, chopped into seven pieces, his insides strewn over the wet dirt and waiting to be feasted upon by rabid dogs and hungry rats. He was convinced it was the worst way to die, and it was all his fault. He had underestimated the man, his reach, and his sheer audacity to commit a crime of his magnitude, and for what? To scare a person like him? Why? For what joy? He was just a small time drug dealer after all. He wasn’t even worth seven figures yet, although he was getting closer by the day, by the hour, even. But definitely not right now. He had been trapped. How they had found out this grimy spot, his favourite haunt to peddle his wares, he had no idea.

They shoved him into the back seat, squashed between two of them, who wore black masks. Sins registered the fact: black masks, well-built men, definitely body builders. To his surprise the driver was a woman, disguised in cheap make-up, which looked hurriedly done, for the sake of a cover. She turned back slightly, smirked at him, and lit up a cigarette, emitting a thick haze of smoke inside the car. Sins couldn’t understand what was going on. These people had split open a man in broad daylight, and they pretended as if everything was routine, a peril of fate they could calmly swat aside like a fly. Sins’ friend was lying dismembered in a urine smelling alleyway!

He felt a sharp sting in his neck, and jerked across his head towards the man on his right, and watched him withdraw a small injection, expertly administered on Sins in a second. To his shock, the man held his mobile in his other hand, enjoying in obvious delight, looking at a pornographic film. Sins recognized the actors. Pretty well, as a matter of fact. He had seen them in vivid detail only last night, enclosed inside his home, and making merry with beer and marijuana, his body convulsing in delight as he climaxed on a vivid image of naked flesh. After the brutal high, he had ordered a late night pizza, and called over his old contact, who had recently begun dealing cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine, and had been convincing Sins to switch over to his wares. Sins had promptly sent him outside, wishing him well.

The last thing that Sins saw, as his head felt like melting into water, was the woman staring at him coyly, exhaling on her cigarette. There was something familiar about her eyes. A second before Sins passed out, she winked, and his heart filed with dread. He knew that wink, the same wink that had so captivated his heart five years ago, only to end in tears, agony and….a dead body.

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