Champion. Fighter. Promotion.

Twenty two days ago, Sins had been promoted to become a Sales manager, which meant in addition to creating presentations and excel sheets for the company’s existing and prospective clients, he would be making a lot of calls as well. This meant discipline, dedication, hard work and commitment. Sins had always been a hard worker, not just in its literal sense, but looking for smart solutions or openings whenever luck or fate presented itself in the form of small cues. He attributed the clarity in his mind in the past month to his decision to stop smoking, or rather delay it enough so that he could enjoy it on deserved occasions like a friendly beer binge or a session of marijuana with friends and acquaintances. He was liking this lifestyle of just sticking to marijuana twice a week, because, for his line of work, his mind focused on details better and it helped him stay happy, and talk to people better.

On the weekends, he had begun teaching football to a bunch of kids from his neighborhood, who were so sweet and friendly to him that he decided he wanted children of his own, and told Starr about it, who had laughed on his face before they made love, with protection, of course. He was working out by pushing as hard as he could in the gym, even pushing his trainer to goad him further. Fitness helped him stay on an elevated state of mind, much similar to the effect of marijuana in intensity, but obviously differing in mode of dosage delivery and heartbeat levels. He had been inspired by a blogger he had found recently from the United States, who had talked about the power of making small changes in life and sticking around with it for weeks, if not whole years, and watch oneself turn into a master at that chosen activity. Sins had followed his advice to the book. The effects had been immediate: promotion, healthier and fitter, and lastly and most importantly, increased pleasure, to perform any activity including sex.

As far as Sins was concerned, an optimal mindset would take a man or woman from nowhere to anywhere he/she wished, having witnessed it firsthand for the past twenty-two days, and now seeking to continue with the habits he had built into him, for another year or two, and maybe even more, he grinned to himself happily, feeling that he had figured the secret of productivity, more amused by the fact that, how many people didn’t get him properly. Sins had labelled them as mediocre especially in light of how his network circle of peers were so relaxed and at peace to while away their precious time on media sources, and not even good ones, the ones where lust sold well.

Lust didn’t consume him much, but sometimes it would sweep itself around him and make him think about how pornography is one of the major invaders of the world-wide web. Even, he had been swept by it in his early teens by accident, thanks to Google search’s images, and although he had felt numb initially, he had warmed up to the prospect of looking at disrobed women and men doing all sorts of things together.

Sins was feeling sleepy, as he struggled to come terms with his workload. He slept on his workstation for an hour, and was woken up by his beefy looking HR manager, who looked triumphant, as if catching a school student. The manager refused to leave him in peace, and began asking him to get his act together.

Sins went back to sleep again.

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