The Government In His Dreams

Sins felt sick as he introspected the political climate of his country currently, and wasn’t surprised. Increasingly, day after day, month after month, and now four years past the installment of a political party of nincompoops to the highest seats of power in the country, hate, violence and misogyny, coupled with a sense of dismay and alarm had only compounded. Hope was never far away though. The great thing about the human mind and the people of his vast, pluralistic country was that, hope was available in abundance, and Sins was convinced, no matter, how far tyrants pushed their agenda of religious and hateful extremism to stay in power by empowering fanatics, bigots, murderers and rapists, they would be removed soon. The good people comfortably outnumbered the bad, although a majority could be succinct to introversion.

Sins wanted to commit grave crimes against the leaders of the current government. It was crystal clear to him, that they possessed no sense of civility or a wonder for the sanctity of this earth, their views of life confined to the illusion that, they were born to manipulate and trod upon the individuals they had suppressed or worse, gotten killed. They were men and women of deceit, lies and non-conscience, their upbringing rooted in the belief that the nation belonged to their ‘indigenous’ people, and centuries of invaders had somehow ‘corrupted’ the sacred culture of their ancestors, about which, they spoke in the subjective, themselves, since they themselves had no idea what it was.

Religion was a key tool of their choice, and why wouldn’t it? For centuries bygone, wars had been raged in the pursuit of natural resources, and religion was a comfortable lie to be thrown in to rile up the army, the believers, somehow convinced to fight to their deaths to attain his/her place with their god. Sins had to admit it was a very potent psychological weapon, and the destruction of shrines possibly helped create more vicious cycles of never-ending wars. Sins’ country was no stranger to religious fanaticism, in fact it took various forms as well. Sometimes, as a garb to ward off the ‘evils of western culture’, which translated to controlling women regarding their habits of eating or dressing. Sins believed the ruling party had a deep inferiority complex against women, in light of how quick they shot down women who raised their voices. He was sure that they had never communicated nor opened lines of friendship with women because they had been raised to believe in misogyny through a curious mixture of cowardly fear and impotency.

Sins wanted to kill those people with his bare hands, rip them apart, limb from limb, tear their muscles thread by thread with scalpels and crush them under his foot, again and again and again, till he was covered in their blood, and pleasure chemicals would release in his blood streams. Realizing that violence only got Sins down to their level, Sins stopped thinking about such thoughts. A moment later, he began again, after all, violence was a part of every human being, as long as a human was in control of his thoughts and actions together, he/she was really fine, irrespective of whatever vivid images were projected by the mind.

Fundamentally, Sins realised with slight sorrow, no one cared, blind and unobservant to their surroundings, failing to grasp the course their lives, or the countries they lived in, was taking place right in front their eyes, and Sins wondered what caused it. Was it the mainstream media, and their whole farce of sensationalism? It was a possibility, since news was addictive, especially the format in which it was forecasted now, with their manipulated and cherry-picked scenes and quotes from one frame to the another, seeking, no doubt to manipulate the minds of the mass public, courtesy the ruling government, who were akin to leeches, termites and cockroaches in Sins’ dictionary.

The raging thoughts in his mind continued. Dr, Joseph Goebbels and his experiments in the Holocaust camp at Auschwitz, kept cropping up in his mind’s eye, including the doctor’s mad eyed face, gleaming in excitement about the prospect of watching human beings being subjected to torturous experiments, including boiling them alive and mixing three or four bodies in one.

The government came in his dreams that night, offering a fat wad of cash in offer for his silence, and Sins had smilingly chopped off their heads and grinded their bodies in a giant mixer, gluing their powdered corpses together with semen, or a liquid bearing the same viscosity coefficient.

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