Fighting Back

Sins wanted to have clarity, in the sense that he wanted to know exactly what he needed to do to live a life of comfort and style. His girlfriend, on the other hand knew so, exactly, and he couldn't help but admire her zeal, wondering where on earth, or rather, when on earth would he … Continue reading Fighting Back

The Feedback

The familiar sense of overwhelm overwhelmed him. He was procrastinating again and didn't like it one bit. He felt powerless, like a small snail swimming against a gigantic upstream, fated to lose but conditioned to put in some last ditch effort to save face before the inevitable loss. Sins had the feeling again, the feeling … Continue reading The Feedback

Goodbye Starr. Show Them.

They met on a pleasant 1st October afternoon and parted ways without a good-bye in the early morning of 25th. It had been the happiest twenty-four days of his life. He jogged his memory trying to think about her words, the strength, the beauty of it, delivered with charm, passion and empathy, her eyes, the … Continue reading Goodbye Starr. Show Them.

Hey Sins, Don’t Be Afraid. Take this Life and Make it Better.

He reached Starbucks Coffee at exactly 12:30 p.m expecting to put in at least three hours of productive work. He was happy when he woke up today at 8:00 a.m because he had proceeded to wear his new running shoes and use it for the next hour including a couple of sets of push-ups and … Continue reading Hey Sins, Don’t Be Afraid. Take this Life and Make it Better.