The Creator, the Enabler, He

He did not understand who he was, in spite of many people trying to make him come of the stubborn shell that he had built for himself inside his mind. Suddenly, he began to have thoughts about the value of his existence, his mind trying to decipher whether he was creating something of true value everyday, if not he might as well not exist or buck up his life game, if he was not doing so already, without dedicating an incredible expanse of mind power in order to understand who he was.

Sins wondered how things had come to a head like this, when he liked to think of himself as a rationalist albeit someone who could be suspect to not trying to belong to a peer group. In his conscience, in the deepest of his heart, he wanted to excel at everything possible, having built up an interest in a variable amount of subjects over the years, he wanted to understand the way of the world, being shaped by the billions of human minds residing on it, each trying a way to gather resources by creating something of value for many fellow minds to seek it.

Sins began to think whether someone sought him, his body or the resources backed up in his mind, except for his family. He had no idea about the extent of perception that bore down on the value of his name everyday, so much so that he could feel vibes radiating from his body, as if his very presence was being judged and shaped by the perceptions of his fellow human beings, detrimental to his well-being in the long run. Sins decided to work on his personal image going forwards and open every channel of communication possible with his fellow human beings, seeking to build up his personal brand from the ground-up, and influence the forces of human perception towards his favour.

Sins believed people all people were either creators or enablers or both.

He would be both.


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