The Astute Thinker

He hadn’t been able to sleep last night, having caught the sunrise on a fresh Sunday morning, as he inhaled a fresh batch of imported dutch tobacco, taking long drags, savoring each breath, experiencing the lightness that he felt spreading thorough his bloodstream slowly, steadily building up, what he thought a sense of calm and serenity.

He wanted to change the course of his life, in order to experience the joys of fulfillment, something he had never felt in his life, having read about it in books and articles, and heard being spoken about on podcasts and videos on the internet. He wanted to make a plan, and wondered when his spirit would transition and pivot itself to a doer than a thinker.

He needed a master plan, a life plan, to track his day-to-day activities and map an empirical relationship between his time and productivity. The way he thought about it, he had seven aspects in his life currently: his job, his post-graduate course, his online learning activities, business networking, financial planning, being physically fit and imposing, and last, but never the least, socializing.

He wrote the seven aspects on a blank A4 sized sheet, stacked one below the other, and thought about a template to iron out how each aspect would complement the other. He looked at the seven words for a few minutes wondering how to progress to the next steps of planning, should he just write what he felt like beside each word? Like, attending business events twice a month as a part of his networking target of exchanging business cards fifty times? He felt it was a relevant thing to write down, and wrote it down slowly, with slightly trembling hands, as if he was giving an oath to himself.

He realized, he would have to find the events in question, and made a note of the same. As a last note, he reminded himself to be open and aware about striking up conversations in captive places like the public bus. Satisfied, his eyes pored over the next few words written below. He liked to think of himself as keeping fit through a physical regimen of push-ups and squats for thrice a week, while the rest of the week would usually be spent on ingesting substances like alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. He decided to reduce the current rate of ingestion in order to complement his physical routine, and in retrospect wasn’t doing any good, maybe even harming his other endeavors.

Chiding himself about how blind he had been towards his bodily health, his attention now swept to his post-graduate course he had been doing for the past one year, able to balance his day job while he kept at it. He wasn’t doing justice to this as well, being irregular in his frequency of reading the course material or attending online sessions.

Sins realized he wasn’t serious about any of the seven aspects.

He was disgusted with himself and disappointed. Gently, he began coaxing his mind to act on the situation as soon as possible, with the ugly consequence of being left behind in the economic ladder.

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