Remember the Lord

Suddenly he had clarity. The same blessed feeling he had had when he read his first novel, a Jeffrey Archer authored, called Kane and Abel, when he had been eleven years old. He had picked it up after having finished reading the Harry Potter installment’s sixth edition, The Half-Blood Prince.

His head felt as if his physical being was floating calmly, serenely, atop a giant surfboard, itself atop a giant thirty-three foot ocean wave, looking out intently at the distant mainland, as if scouring for his waiting welcome party.

He opened his eyes.

Someone was intently staring back at him.

Suddenly Sins rocketed back into consciousness from his day-dream, to see the bus conductor shrug his shoulders and tell him “Cubbon Park? Next stop”

Sins nodded checking his wrist watch, surprised to see the time. It had taken longer than usual today, he felt. Or maybe he had just lost track of time. He didn’t care. Usually he would read a book, eager to finish it in between his work schedule whenever time permitted, in this case, the bus. Today, apparently he hadn’t, not for the lack of trying, since he hadn’t had the patience to wait for his usual bus, instead boarding a rickety old-version of the brand which manufactured buses for the State government, which in retrospect was a state government controlled entity.

He disembarked a couple of minutes later, having been bid farewell through a plume of smoke that he had smelt all too often while walking the city streets. He reinforced his mental being, swearing to himself, deciding to settle amongst nature when he was professionally well off, albeit still in touch with civilization, especially for packaged food and internet.

It was his day off from work. He would settle under a tree and read his book till he felt hungry, post which he would head to a diner to hog some meat and drink, preferably beer. He entered the park, one of the landmarks of the city, a massive area which doubled up as the oxygen tank of the rapidly expanding city. A couple of hundred metres in, he reached the secluded part of the park, near the state library, a structure nestled between gigantic oak trees. From the corner of his eye, he spied couples with lust in their eyes, not a care in the world, fiercely locked in passionate mouth to mouth embraces.

Sins kept walking without stopping, their moving images flashing past his eyes, reminding him of Starr. Sins had one more important thing to do. He would be meeting the distributor after a brief hiatus, to resume his trading business from where he had left off, a badly scuppered deal, leaving Sins to lick his wounds, both financially and personally. It didn’t matter now, he was back, as untouchable and unstoppable he had once been.

He removed his bag and began blazing under a banyan tree, feeling like the lord himself.


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