The Sins Of Reality

He felt the familiar cold streaks of lightning, like small jolts of cold blooded electricity that morphed into stabs of emptiness around the region of his chest, like sharpened blades that sliced away at his arteries from time to time. He wasn't a fan of this feeling, but it had become a benign habit, so … Continue reading The Sins Of Reality

The Sins Of The Global Order

He didn't know what to believe in any more, neither did he understand why was he living any more, torn as he was asunder by multiple ups and downs that seemed to plague his existence day after day. He wanted to live, there was no doubt about it, because bodily sensations experienced through the pleasures … Continue reading The Sins Of The Global Order

The Sins Of Consciousness

The need to belong and conform clawed at him in disguises, tied as he was genetically to the wanderings of his hunter gatherer ancestors whose chances of survival increased exponentially when they travelled or lived together in groups, lest they were killed by animals or other wandering bands of humans. However, he didn't need to … Continue reading The Sins Of Consciousness

Mind And Matter – The Unresponsiveness.

He imagined her smile in his mind's eye and smiled. She wasn't responding to any of his text messages. Presuming, she was busy, he tried his best to let it go, but couldn't. He just couldn't, which seemed very immature on his part, considering he had other friends to chat to, people whom he knew … Continue reading Mind And Matter – The Unresponsiveness.

A New World Order. The Dawn Of The Cannabis Age.

There was a time when he had truly loved another human being for every waking moment and been unceremoniously dumped, much to his chagrin, only to later realize it was him who was flying high in an imaginary love story and hence imaginably dumped, much to his chagrin. The creators of fate, whoever or whatever … Continue reading A New World Order. The Dawn Of The Cannabis Age.

In Your Heart You’ve Forsaken Me, In Your Thoughts Forsaken Me.

Sins' time had come. Small streams of tears welled up in his eyes, and disappeared as soon as it had come, only to make a comeback a few seconds later, this time lingering on for slightly more, as if to say..hold on, not yet, not yet, maybe..not yet. But, his mind was made up. He … Continue reading In Your Heart You’ve Forsaken Me, In Your Thoughts Forsaken Me.

The Heart Of Sins

He really liked her. Mysteriously, seeing her everyday made his day always brighter, like a sole positive thought floating amongst an ocean of mixed and negative. Careful, to not make it seem too obvious to her, he would automatically switch to a routine, whereby he would transform into someone who gave out advice. Like the … Continue reading The Heart Of Sins

When Fate Gives You What You Want, Its Beautiful.

"Who gives a shit?" "I do" "I don't give a shit" "Fine, don't. I give a shit though" "I don't give a shit. Fuck you and don't talk to me ever again" "Fine then, have a great life. Take care. Call me in case you need any help in the future", so saying Sins turned … Continue reading When Fate Gives You What You Want, Its Beautiful.

Relapsing, Recovering and Relapsing.

Time stood still when Sins felt the rumblings begin from the base of his stomach, just above his intestines, to rise up like a volcano through his food pipe. His legs were moving as fast as he could stagger drunkenly towards the toilet. A mixture of garlic bread, yogurt, fried chicken and banana cake erupted … Continue reading Relapsing, Recovering and Relapsing.

She Will Make You A Dreamer. So Would He, For It Went Both Ways.

She radiated a field of energy around her which proclaimed strength, confidence and sass in capital letters coloured with the deepest possible shade of blood red. Especially her eyes. Transfixed on that stare, he had felt the vibrations of something deeper, the possibility that her way of thought wasn't along the mainstream lines of rules … Continue reading She Will Make You A Dreamer. So Would He, For It Went Both Ways.