Where Should You Buy Good Ganja in Bangalore

Things have turned from bad to worse for a majority of the stoners (people who smoke marijuana or ganja, as its called in India) based out of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, India, and indeed the rest of the country as well. Although the situation has become slightly better as compared to say, December or January, when the crackdowns were at their highest. Adil from Hebbal in Bangalore claims that things started going downhill, with major crackdowns commencing in 2018 extending all the way till the year end, only to rise back up again under changing market dynamics, due to the insatiable demand in the Silicon Valley of India for smoking marijuana.

“Its become pathetic. I’m paying almost double or triple for poorer quality compared to how it was two or three years ago, when good quality marijuana was more easily obtainable. All my sources have either got caught or changed their numbers, only communicating their new numbers to a select inner circle. I doubt the crackdowns will have any effect, most of the times, the cops squeeze out as much money as they can and end up distributing the product back into the market at an inflated cost. Its unbelievable, really. But that’s how the market has become now, unfortunately, no one can trust anyone” says Mahesh from Jayanagar, a suburb in South Bangalore.

An old timer of the trade since the past seventeen years, requesting anonymity divulges the following details

“You need really good sources, especially at this point of time when quality matter so much, unless you want to smoke the bad quality stuff that is sold on the streets in small packets, which is frankly disgusting to be honest. Its laced with all sorts of horrible things like shoe polish, pesticide sprays and the like, which indicate the marijuana hasn’t been grown or transported properly or both. First question to ask your contact is, to request him or her to divulge the source of the ganja”

“If the contacts says MM Hills, Kollegal, Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru, Shivamogga, Nelamangala, Anekal, Malur, Belagavi, Kolar or Bidar, anyone of them, you can be assured the person has the correct credentials. Also note that a lot of marijuana is transported from Karnataka’s neighbouring states – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu or even Orissa, even the North-east! See, this city is very cosmopolitan and everyone wants to make a quick buck here, its a high after all, selling really is. The mantra is to buy as low as possible, transport it safely and sell as high as possible to a crowd, that’s ust waiting for it to arrive into the city”

“The most ideal way would be to take a four-wheeler of your own, or say do a road trip with your friends, head to these places, and scout for farms yourself, preferably with someone who knows the local language. With luck, you’ll find the correct person”

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