10 Websites in India That Sell Bongs

As a regular college marijuana smoker four years ago, I experimented with a multitude of things – the peddlers themselves, who kept appearing and disappearing at will, basis market forces, the quality of the ganja, which varied depending on the peddler and his source, it sometimes looked as black as coal, being laced with the worst substances possible, sometimes dark brown with a lot of seeds, highlighting the plant hadn’t been grown properly, or even sometimes, really green, like how it should be.

I smoked the ganja by four different ‘mechanisms’, namely – the ‘gravity’ (which in retrospect is an ‘enhanced’ bong, because the underlying principle of burning the ganja is the same – through water), a rolled joint, the ‘bong’ and lastly, the ‘chillum’, which is a pipe that’s shaped like a long, thin funnel made of earthen clay and then dried.

The focus of this article is the bong. A bong is a filtration device that uses water to remove the water soluble molecules from the burning solid (in this case ganja), under pressure from the inhaling strength of the smoker, through an opening provided at the mouth of the instrument. Below are the top 10 websites from where you can order a bong made of materials like plastic polymer, metal, bamboo or even glass, in all sorts of shapes which includes penises and breasts.

  1. Little Goa – https://www.littlegoa.com/: Definitely India’s most well known stoner paraphernalia company, these guys are into offline retail as well
  2. Flipkart: India’s largest e-commerce company, now owned by Walmart sell bongs as well, here:
  3. Amazon: India’s second largest e-commerce company by market share also sells bongs, not to be left behind in tapping the stoners’ attention for smoking paraphernalia:
  4. India Bongs:
  5. SlimJim: One of my favourite websites for all things Stoner:
  6. R3 Wholesale: Another good website, features two really pretty models on their cover picture:
  7. OutOnTrip:
  8. Lovelites:
  9. Moksha Bongs:
  10. Nature India:

Happy Smoking! Peace.

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