Waiting For The End To Come. Thoughts Were Spinning In His Head.

He hadn’t sat on his ass all day and procrastinated on weird content like ‘brutal kills on mortal kombat’ or watched people getting high and live stream themselves on Facebook groups (which was actually fun because he would wait for them to feed the marijuana smoke to their pets who would wince and squirm, and run around crashing against walls). Instead he had written a story about how during the last year of his graduation, he had roamed alone all night on a desolate city street waving at the few strangers, equally high as him and asked them for cigarettes.

No, he had done a lot today. He had created a few presentations that turned out to be better than he had imagined them to look like, much to his surprise and delight. Secondly, he had managed to write out the first draft of the gaming framework, for a publisher who wanted their help in eking out a model league structure for the million plus gamers in the country. Satisfied, he would work on it again tomorrow, and add all the elements that he imagined, like a football game between trained monkeys and dogs, with bets being placed on both the species, the monkeys being favourites, because those sneaky creatures, the closest to resemble human beings would run around using their hands.

Around afternoon, he had snapped out of other imagined ploys like grabbing a few knives from the community kitchen below and commence a slashing spree, culminating in a dance session, with blood smeared all over his face, grinning in delight and applying the blood of the victims on his co-workers, to their shock and delight in equal measure. Sometime later, he had met his new friend downstairs, as she waltzed around with some tea, only to return to her desk to face her sales numbers, a fact she confirmed a few hours later via message. He could only say that she was good at her job, and remain diplomatic, because, to be frank, even though he was a tad bit infatuated with her, actually having written a letter for her, expressing his admiration for her stance and class, the ‘hidden’ element of ‘difference’ that he sought in women, he actually didn’t know her that well. Their messages were usually brief and to the point.

Around six in the evening, he had decided to head outside to eat some chicken, and promptly changed his mind again, for no reason. Lately, he had been doing a lot of back and forth, especially since, there were multiple options available for food and drink, and when his mind was preoccupied with his sales objectives for this year, considering he was selling fitness and sports. Repeatedly, forcing himself to quieten his mind, he went and had his fifth cup of lemon and honey flavoured green tea of the day, its dark green coloured liquid, enveloping his throat, feeling it whisk down his chest into his stomach.

Around seven, his head slightly heavy with exhaustion, of the mental kind, he had taken a power nap for a duration of sixteen minutes, his nap punctured by a series of images where he had been perched on top of a cliff, a trident held aloft in one hand, and a smoking pipe in the other, ready to make good his escape, after being chased by a horde of hungry looking, pest infested humans. Breathing slightly heavily, he thought he had better leave, only to remember he had forgotten to submit last week’s sales review.

Cursing slightly, he had simply shrugged and tapped away on his keyboard.

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