The Murder of Innocence.

Late last night, as he was about to fling his body towards his mattress, he decided it was too hot and hence, a warm shower was in order. Everyone deserved a warm shower at the end of a day, like a loner who deserved the pleasure of company. The dim light inside his bathroom flickered a little, as he felt the first burst of cold shower hit his hair, gradually turning warmer by the second, till he felt the humidity enveloping him like a protective guardian who wouldn’t let his ward pursue the delight of colder company once in a while. His shoulder muscles glistened pale neon under the hue of the light. Staring at it he remembered his training regimen that had been led astray in light of inconsistencies on his part, a fact he attributed to the impulsive behaviour of his mind, a portion of which seemed to think he belonged to the more primate animal species rather than the humans, who in retrospect were animals as well, only with a better sense of control and self awareness.

Minutes passed, and sleep wasn’t arriving. His thoughts wandered, his eyes drooped ever so slightly, so much so that, he began humming, a tune that he had never heard in his life, a nonchalant tune that bought to mind, gigantic sunflowers caressing the surface of the ozone layer, whose flowered buds acted as a feeding station for giant spaceships who wandered around the periphery of the planet that was entrenched completely by equally gigantic, exotic plants, on whose lower branches and surface roots, resided the mass of humanity, a mass that seemed content and satiated to spend their entire lives in blissful fruit and fluids, which rained below from time to time, and pursue pleasures like sex and drugs on a daily basis.

He began chuckling, imagining the party underway inside his mind, thinking that such a planet surely ought to exist, wishing whole-heartedly that he lived long enough to experience such a happening in his lifetime, because surely such a species ought to serve as an example to the swathes of humanity across the earth, who wantonly sought to experience deeper connections with their fellow men and women, only to let things like politics, religion and other imagined realities come into sway, when the fact was, all that was required was…love, without the unnecessary emotions.

Born into a family of men and women who didn’t see much eye to eye, except during matters like disputes and marriages, he felt inclined towards liberalism, especially since he started smoking marijuana in his freshman year of college, where he realized complicated things were made complicated because of issues like over-emotionalisation and egos making people stupid, blind and even fatal to be amongst with, like an innocent bystander, with no qualms about the purpose or meaning of life, brainwashed into murdering other humans because they believed in something different.

He had come to murder before.

Especially when things turned ugly. Like the time when, his landlord had barged into his room without knocking, to find him in a state of undress. Like the time when, he was all of sixteen years old, and his crush, whom he christened as his first love to this day, had played a prank on him with her friend on Facebook, working out a confession from him about his fondness and then sending the chat picture to the entire class, who had laughed at him the next day, with him seeing red all over his eyes, wishing he could squish their insides to powder with a chainsaw.

Like the time, when his seniors from college had made him strip and asked him to pretend he was fucking a tree. Like the time, when his parents had metaphorically puked on his aspirations of becoming an athlete, insisting they were the masters of his destiny, to which he had scornfully replied saying he needed to get a DNA test done. Like the time, when his hostel warden had caught him hiding bottles of whisky and rum under his bed, and threatened to expel him, for which he had gone to the extent of roping in some friends to discuss strategies, when fate conspired. Their senior had taped the warden watching porn inside his room and sent the tape to the principal’s whatsapp number, sourced from another group of seniors, with the result that the warden had to leave and he was saved.

Just when he was about to fall asleep, hovering around a semi-conscious blissful state, he heard a gentle knock on his door, low but firm.

It was the landlord.

Cursing, he leapt up, ready to slaughter the man for arriving at this hour.

“What?”, he half screamed, simultaneously opening the door.

It was the guy who stayed on the opposite.

“Bro, I’m sorry. But I needed a help. Can you help me?”

“For what?”

“Can I borrow a few cigarettes. if you don’t mind?”

“What makes you think I smoke, you fuck!”, he felt like murder. This guy had woken him up for cigarettes!

“Come on bro”

A red film began to envelope his eyes, and his eyes fell on the screwdriver kept on the ledge of his window. He would thrust out the eyes of this person, and flush it down the drain, along with the rest of his body parts, one by one by one. He had had enough of people taking advantage of him, because of his polite nature. He would show them. He decided to call him in and trap him inside.

“Sure bro”, he smiled. “Let’s share it, come inside”

“I knew it! Thanks man! I guessed you must smoke, and you do. Its my lucky day, huh?”

“You’re very lucky”, he held the screwdriver after slamming the door shut. The person’s back was to him.

He aimed it squarely against the centre of his head. One swing, and he would moan in pain and agony. He raised it, and struck. And struck, and struck and struck, till his head resembled a mass of fleshy pulp, parts of his brain law strewn on his shirt, and a viscous greyish fluid mixed with blood began spreading across the floor of his living room.

He laughed his heart out and began cleaning the mess, stacking the guy’s remains inside his store room with the rest.

He would flush them, one part by one part, later.

He prayed and slept.

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