The Sins Of The Global Order

He didn’t know what to believe in any more, neither did he understand why was he living any more, torn as he was asunder by multiple ups and downs that seemed to plague his existence day after day. He wanted to live, there was no doubt about it, because bodily sensations experienced through the pleasures that were there for the taking bought him great joy, provided, of course that he coughed up the currency required, or managed to come up with a suitable exchange in kind.

Lately, he had been reading a host of articles that strived to impart among their readers a sense, a purpose of looking to create meaning in their lives by embarking on ‘making a difference’ in the professional circles they inhabited by virtue of their beliefs and skills to make other lives better, and in the process, themselves, because, the articles said, by helping others one can truly help oneself, and become happy, and inadvertently by default win the approval of peers.

With time, he understood how self-centred humans were, evolving over the eons to maximize their sense of comfort and social status, by hook or crook, not that he was against it, but merely acknowledging the fact that seeking the best things possible for oneself would help the individual to extend his or her blood line towards greater comfort and security, in liaison with his or her suitable mate.

He thought about his own social status, the imagined leader board that been dreamt up by his ancestors when they had started living in groups and coalesced and progressed into bigger groups, towns, cities, kingdoms and nation states bound together by their collective belief in something bigger than themselves like religion, money and the concept of empires, under the rule of an all powerful monarch who had been ordained by their God to do so. A historical music symphony of some sorts, reverberated inside his ear drums as these thoughts clashed with his ideas about the way modern cultures were reshaping themselves the world over, adopting and evolving according to their local tweaks and traditions that made sense to multiple groups the world over, in each nation, among each group through the multiple layers of traditional advertising channels and digital media.

Personally, he liked to pretend he wasn’t influenced by marketing messages that were littered abound everywhere he browsed, from the city streets to the online highways he liked to frequent , experimenting through the power of his imaginations and expressed via his keyboard on the search engine he liked to use. But he knew he was lying to himself. He had already been influenced in a few select topics at an impressionable age, however, he was also aware he could still re-shape his mind, according to the strength of his mind to learn new skills, and listen to logical opinions from many sources, which included people born and brought up in varying circumstances in multiple parts of the world, and hence assimilate a wide pool of thoughts and opinions to choose and mould himself into the model citizen that he imagined himself to be.

Continuously evolving, changing and creating multiple thoughts among the billions of sapiens the world over, a majority of whom were most likely susceptible to be influenced by the whims, fancies and self-centredness of their peers and mainstream media serving a hidden agenda of a group of elites, he realized that unless a global political order was established to truly solve global problems like global warming and the hole in the ozone layer, by pushing the case for renewable energy and sources like hemp. Unless, unless, this mass of humanity really awakened themselves by reading, writing and creating information genuinely useful and actionable for the global order.

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