Make Merry While The Sun Shines. The Sins of Fate.

As the day arrived to a close, for him, the rest of the world was already making merry and ruckus outside, getting drunk or high, either on industrially or naturally made substances, or their choice of company for the night, whose outcome could swing multiple ways depending on the choice of engaging gender. As far as he was concerned, he was going to close his eyes, don his earphones, pick up his phone and listen to meditative trance music on YouTube that would run for six to eight hours straight, enabling him to visualize everything he desired from fate, that included both materialistic wishes and choices of companionship, hence going without saying that it would also include sex and drugs, ideally both together, in the company of someone as intoxicating as drugs itself.

He could imagine these scenes for hours. The raunchiest sex atop mountains, at beaches, the most scenic resorts ever made, lakes, rivers, historic monuments, forests, the African Savannah and even zoos, coupled with activities like snorting cocaine from vaginas, smoking marijuana on his boats, yachts, hilltop cottages, with his pet dogs, horses, elephants, turtles and frogs. It wasn’t that he saw such a life as the be all and end all of his destiny, but rather an ode to his destiny, a manifestation of his deepest desires, that he was bent on ingratiating within himself as soon as possible.

Imagining himself flying across the lush green parts of the earth probably sounded a little too far-fetched for many ordinary folk, but therein lay the clue. They sounded far-fetched now. The imaginations would manifest themselves in real life at least a decade later, or so he believed, scanning through the latest scientific breakthroughs and their commercial applications at the end of every week, which was hard to keep up with, because scientists were discovering new applications every hour. Such was the speed of human progress fueled by a collective faith in the formation of a better world, a world that would soon achieve complete victory over famine, diseases and war, the major human killers since the agricultural revolution that swept across the world beginning with the Middle East ten thousand years ago, enabling humans to bring wheat, rice, potatoes, maize, fruits, vegetables and animals under their control for the first time in history.

On the other hand, he did wonder what was the point of doing anything. Which was true, because, there really was no point. However, his line of reasoning did stem from the fact that he was writing about it, because he was lucky, lucky enough to be born privileged, that had managed to get him into the correct social circles and process the relevant and crucial information needed to find better jobs and resources, better than the unprivileged ones for whom questions of existence were tantamount to be like asking him/her what was the purpose of toiling so hard, when they had no choice not to, caught as they were in the vicious cycle of destiny, similar to Jesus Christ once proclaiming to his disciples “For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away’. Cruel, but fact.

He wasn’t worried. Because he knew about it. That was enough.

He would thrive.

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