The Power Of Happiness

He kept telling himself it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because all he cared about right now was the fact that he felt happy. And he knew why he was happy. It was because of the chemicals inside his brain that were buzzing around in excitement, like a chimpanzee frolicking and dancing around with its hands full of bananas. His decision to focus only on things that contributed to his growth and de-cluttering the rest, from his work space, clothes, to his social circle was paying him dividends immediately. Also coupled was the fact that he had put a stop to all his impulsive purchases like chocolates and drinks in favour of better substances like marijuana and a diet rich in variety, exactly akin to his hunter-gatherer ancestors who were able to stimulate the performance of their bodies through a diet that kept changing everyday due to irregularities in food supply.

He felt happy.

He realized that all he had done was provide a stable environment for his biochemical system to act and prosper upon, and help him rejuvenate his senses for the better, helping him become productive and solve problems that were worth solving like ensuring he remained intellectually relevant by reading at least fifty to hundred pages of a book everyday, currently he was reading ‘Mind of the Market’ by Michael Shermer, a piece of work that combined literature from economics and evolution. He ensured his body produced sweat everyday through physical stimulation of his muscles, alive to the fact that physical and mental capabilities complemented each other by inducing a better sense of self, focus and long-term vitality.

He felt happy.

It was fascinating how this turnaround had come about. Just last month, he had been floating around like a vagabond who was bereft of the happenings in popular culture, content to merely exist, and zone out many times subconsciously, present physically but mentally in his own world which consisted of shapes and objects like giant sunflowers, spaceships, hazy neon light blending with pale blue smoke, single cellular organisms that transformed into multi-cellular organisms, fishes, turtles, leading on to chimpanzees, baboons, dinosaurs, birds and humans. He found himself phasing out so often that, it became a state of permanency, like an identity he carried about, about himself, a personal brand based on seeming to be high and lost all the time, which didn’t sound very nice to him.

Still, now he felt happy.

He knew where to go on from this state. A single minded pursuit of growth, focussed on key high potential drivers like reading, writing, nutrition, fitness and speaking would catapult him into a force to be reckoned with, both personally and professionally. He couldn’t wait for the end result to manifest itself. He would be unstoppable, unmovable, a person who could genuinely help other people through the power of his will alone.

He would be happy. Nothing else mattered.

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