How You Can Remember Your Ancestors By

It transpired that in spite of his bravado and belief in himself, fate seemed intent to ensure that he would be having a tough time in accomplishing the endeavors that held the key to his dreams, the dreams that he was imagining day in, day out, so much so that it became an integral part of his daily routine, the joy of day dreaming.

Last night, he had imagined the spirits of his hunter-gatherer ancestors reaching out to him deep deep from inside his consciousness, from the eras gone by, dancing around a mighty bonfire and roasting cows, keen to pass him a message of his glorious roots, sharpened over the millennia, staking their lineage into the twenty-first century, saying that, their boy had made it. How proud they were that their struggles to survive against enemies and predators alike had been worth it. The boy had survived and was thriving, their lined faces, smiling and nodding at him in joy, dissecting the cooked cow for his pleasure, ripping apart its entrails, before winding up the feast and commencing a full scale orgy.

It was the orgy that had woken him up, expecting to see his lover sleeping beside him, only to discover unwashed clothes emitting a slight stale smell. Awake, in a flash, without even thinking, he grabbed the bong from his bedside table and lit up his first marijuana hit of the day, his brain sweeping itself up from slumber just a few moments ago to wave upon wave of pleasure. The dream had been so real, they had been so real. Unconsciously, his hand came up, as if beseeching his beautiful looking ancestors to hold it, and reassure him that he too would evolve into a superhuman, and their genes would be safe, if not obliterated for better traits.

He sought a fire, that would burn his heart every day as he went about in pursuit of his dreams, an imagined sense of self that he would love to see manifested in reality in a few years. He wasn’t looking to complicate his life. For him, it was really simple. There was his work, his body, his time for learning new skills through reading, writing and application and lastly, his relationships, both personal and professional, that included mating and networking. After all, human beings evolved over the eons, surviving by co-operating with each other, ousting every other specimen to the top of the food chain, in the process not realizing that their decision to forego the life of hunting and gathering to settle down around agricultural fields was a bad deal.

The elusive fire burned in phases, during the first three hours of the day after he finished his exercise routine, not more than an hour in the afternoon after lunch, and for a hour or two in the evening post normal working hours, the same industrial standard of a working shift consisting of eight hours translated for the twenty-first century corporate world, while the rest of the time, a vague sense of unfeeling would engulf him, whereby he wouldn’t feel like doing anything, choosing to spend away the time on LinkedIn, the Facebook for users who thought Facebook’s content ought to be traded for the ‘professional’ content on LinkedIn, which could better their chances of processing important information that could take one’s career to the next level.

The ideal professional career was everything. Especially in this day and age when knowledge and information was aplenty, the only difference being in the way the information was being accessed and processed, essentially how a person used the said information for his/her purpose. As far as he was concerned, he was lucky, to hold down a position that many people of his age would kill for, but then, novelty of a new role always subsumed quickly, until and unless one really understood how to flame the fires of his/her self constantly by one means or another.

At least, he had been as sober as a baby for the past four days.

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