What is Going To Happen In a Couple of Decades?

His mind would always stay absolutely still as he figured out his way through the maze of information he came across everyday on a daily basis, from books, websites, people and online and offline advertisements. Everyone was a specialist, in his or her own domain of choice or interest, as modeled by the famed Scottish teacher and economist, Adam Smith who propounded the specialist notion in his magnum opus, The Wealth of Nations, which frowned upon mercantilism, a way of economic life that assumed one nation’s gain was another nation’s loss, and advocated the spirit of free markets ruled through specialization and healthy competition, allowing each nation’s strengths and weaknesses to complement another nation’s, and vice versa with the now two hundred plus sovereign countries in the world.

He loved information, the specifics, the details of how things exactly worked, how one thing led to another, the chain of events that began from one situation and culminated to another and another and another and so on till infinity, an endless loop that encompassed complex types of human feelings bordering on gossiping, backstabbing, obedience, loyalty, envy and the like, and their trusted creations bereft of any feelings, that ran on multiple types of fuels depending upon the application, the machines, who made lives easier and comfortable for their creators, only to create better problems still, that required lives to be made even more easier and comfortable, to the point that, it seemed as if life was meant to be continuously upgraded, updated and busier, the constant of change being more faster than usual, unless, unless one was financially well off to retire from mainstream civilization and spend life in relative leisure and health.

Even, he sometimes did get the feeling that things were progressing too fast, that there was so much information out there, rendering him helpless even, struggling to come to terms with the sheer volume, an ode to how the future was soon to unfold, a situation where changing job roles and social structures would be the norm, a day when self-driving cars, trucks and flights would render all drivers and pilots in the world obsolete, a day when robots would render all cashiers and delivery personnel obsolete, a day when sex robots would harness artificial intelligence to sound and act so human-like that the so-called world’s oldest business, the business of prostitution and sex trafficking would end overnight due to plunging demand and a day when the human brain would be completely mapped and everyone could be electrochemically be made always happy, rendering unpleasant feelings and mood swings obsolete.

There was time though, a couple of decades at least. A couple of decades.

He would still be alive, so would she. He smiled.

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