The Wonders of Human Consciousness

The milk based chocolate was a delight that every human being in the world had a right to taste and savour, especially when the ingredients that were required to produce it commercially through human ingenuity were obtained from plants and animals, members of the earth whom human beings had shaped judiciously through selective breeding generation after generation to create more and more delights for an ever expanding population. He had a few more bars of chocolate left. Content in his brazen show of gluttony, he proceeded to unwrap the second bar, which contained small chunks of almonds in it. He closed his eyes, as he chewed it ever so slowly, imagining a lush green valley spread out across in front of him, when the reality portrayed a pile of stale clothes.

After a few minutes, he decided not to unwrap the third bar because by the end of the second, the initial euphoria had subsided to abysmal levels. He needed more novelty, to stimulate his brain, so used to as it was to never feel truly content, a trait shaped over more than seventy thousand years ago in the jungles when his hunter-gatherer ancestors could never sit contented, lest they were pounced upon by the unpredictability of their environment, like for instance a pack of lions chancing upon a full scale human orgy inside a dense jungle, chewing the poor band to shreds, maybe just when the group was about to climax. A sorry state of affairs indeed.

He stared at his memento of Buddha and observed the calm, serene nature of his eyes, deep in meditation, in a bid to completely still his mind, eradicating every possibility of desire creeping up inside the mind, hence liberating one from the throes of suffering by accepting the nature of reality and living in the absolute present. He closed his eyes and tried to focus all his energy to his breath, before finding himself thinking about her in the next few seconds, only for his thoughts turn outward and lead to his gymnasium, its dark and dingy nature, smelling of fresh sweat and testosterone. Next, he wandered on to massacres, first letting loose a barrage of machine gun bullets into the bodies of innocent bystanders as they waited for a public bus, and second, plunging a chainsaw and ripping a man into half from his waist, spilling all his entrails and hanging them outside the high court of law, laughing madly at the lawyers as he did so, while the lawyers scurried about to locate the victim’s relatives to enlist their services in order to convict him.

He snapped out of the meditative pose, wondering if he could ever control himself from these thoughts. After all, these thoughts were the product of all the external stimuli his brain had experienced and felt over the years through his sense organs. He snapped his eyes shut again and tried to focus, this time keenly waiting for his mind to diverge, acknowledge when he had done so and bring it back to his breath again. A few seconds later, he began thinking about her again, how her hair had looked today, giving her an appearance of a mature queen about to order the execution of her boss. He brought his focus back to his breath, sniggering a little, imagining the hapless figure of her boss, hanging from the building, being laughed at by the bystanders standing below including her gleaming face.

On cue, he thought of his own boss, currently on vacation in Bali, before his thoughts changed again, this time into something more sinister, a mixture of buildings, people and objects that coalesced into one another, morphing out to to create a new species of super humans who could develop unique abilities like transferring their consciousness from one human being to the next. Given this choice, he would choose to transfer his own into a woman, experience life as a female and if he liked it, stay like that for the foreseeable future. Of course, he would have to find a wiling female who would agree to transfer her own consciousness into his to live like a male, or find a third or fourth person to complete the consciousness chain.

It was a strange world, yet wondrous, there was no shortage of surprises if one chose to listen to what thoughts the mind spewed out on a daily basis. He opened his eyes and decided to eat some bread with peanut butter.

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