Do You Want To Be The Biologically Superior?

The kick of fresh and cold caffeine spurred him on towards the last few minutes of the day.

It wasn’t about working to the bone. It was about feeling that his mind could feel the bones. Quite a difference. You see, the mind was a muscle like no other. For a major chunk of one’s day, the mind, as much as possible preferred to be engaged in mechanical tasks, or tasks that didn’t require genuine thinking or tasks that could be performed with as little mental stimulation as possible. There was a genuine evolutionary reason for this.

The brain harvested up to one-fifth of the body’s energy reserves. Hence it sub-consciously saw to it that it used as little energy as possible. Which was a problem, in this day and age, because more and more, economies were gearing up to sustain themselves as a knowledge-based economy rather than a resource oriented one. Of course, it depended on the country or the region where you were from. But, increasingly it was becoming apparent that more and more progress towards understanding how the human brain functioned, would create a population of the ‘useless class’, a cohort of people, in their hundred millions who would despise the constant demand to re-invent themselves from a learning perspective again and again, going against the traditional habit of looking forward to a life of physical and mental comfort as soon as one became an adult.

However, learning was fun. It also made sense to understand nutrition, seeing as it was the primary source of input for the brain.

Just the mere inkling, that there awaited billions of perspectives of each subject, sometimes made you jittery, as to how this mass of knowledge could be gleaned upon for genuine insights that one could use to propel himself or herself forward into the knowledge economy. One the other hand, the mind had a self-sabotaging habit, the worst sort that, cajoled itself into thinking about every conceivable constructive action, during flashes of insight, especially while laying awake at bed, late into the night, only for the next day to pass by in a relative auto-pilot mode, with the result that, nothing new had been created or improved upon, leading to another day of wishful thinking and regrettably….regret.

However, the fundamentals remained the same.

Reading, writing and having quality conversations, not the quantity of conversations, were paramount to personal and professional success. Digital media amplified them, and by no means took precedence over genuinely meeting someone face-to-face. Boredom was an evil and needed to checked upon. He knew, there were some moments when, the mind gave up, it simply refused to absorb in any more information or people, and actually taking a break from all forms of media, even people themselves, made sense.

It was an exciting world. He was sure all the thoughts about the dark side of technological development, would come to pass, but humanity would survive, like it always had, by evolving into super-beings with enhanced capabilities, creating a race of biologically superior beings possessing enhanced genes, with the most desirable traits, in short, the prime alpha of the new species.

He would be one of them.

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