The Sins Of Existence

“Why do you even exist?”, came the sharp tone directed towards him.

“It wasn’t my choice, you know that perfectly well”

“I know your parents had sex to create you. I mean, do you really know, why do we, you, all of us, exist? Why did we happen?”

“The entire cosmos consisting of universes, in turn consisting of galaxies, that again in turn containing planets, stars and everything in between, originated from a single point. You know, the big bang. Thirteen billion years ago. We studied about it”

“Can’t you understand what I’m saying? I mean, why did the big bang happen? Who or what caused that? Why does anything, all of this, need to exist? Why not..nothingness, instead of something?”

They had been smoking marijuana.

Surely, the plant had evolved over the millions of years, meant to be found by humans to intoxicate themselves? Or had it just..happened? Questions like these often popped up when they had the mind space to think and immerse themselves into abstract topics, content as they were with their respective work, each pandering to a different industry that catered to multiple business segments, categories and audiences. Jargon, notwithstanding, they had always thought about why the world was the way it was, and whether things could be improved upon through asking the right questions, although, it was a fact that they always tended to reflect upon the deeper questions of existence rather than debate about commercial issues.

The thing was, sometimes, after hours of applying one’s mind to the problems created by ever-evolving new technologies, social and cultural trends, political upheavals and opportunities to create new businesses, at the end of a particular day, especially during moments when things weren’t exactly going to plan, as they were expected to be, the mind automatically began questioning one’s own life purpose, failing to realize the fact that life was..meaningless, without any sense of purpose whatsoever, because life had evolved on Earth due to a set of lucky circumstances, a game of chance, that had just turned..lucky.

They were sitting on a well-worn out couch that looked like it would collapse any second, sagging under their collective weight and all the baggage associated around it, as if it were intoxicated as well, and longed to just let go and do..nothing. Sometimes, he felt like doing nothing too. Many times actually, a by-product of improving lifestyles worldwide, that channelized the power of cheaply available non-renewable sources of energy to boost economies worldwide through industrialization and urbanization. A deal that involved, densely packed human populations working together to produce products or services of value for each other and improve everyone’s lifestyle while they were at it, including entertaining and killing each other or themselves in the process.

Just last week, he had felt like running away. Only to change his mind and head to the nearest place that served cold coffee. The conveniences of civilization were impossible to forego, at least for now, when he was a young adult, ready to thrust his ideas upon the world and watch them bloom and flower, finding takers and backers for it, creating a sense of community, because, community was what everyone sought at the end of the day, wired as humans were to belong to a group, an evolutionary by-product of increasing the chances of survival by sticking together. But this was the 21st century. One didn’t need to belong to a community to survive. All one had to do was to be impossibly productive, so much so that, he or she were responsible for creating a new community bound together by common interests that could be anything, from music to pedophilia.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he got the urge to vent out his frustration at not being able to find the answers to the questions that he sought, but, consoled himself quickly because scientists were working on it as he was trying to vent. He was convinced they would decipher all the secrets of how the human brain worked, work out how human consciousness and intelligence arose, and command the rest of humanity how to have pleasant feelings and emotions forever.

He couldn’t wait for that day.

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