Are You Having The Wildest Dreams Possible

“People are nicer, warmer and happier than you think. Give them a chance and don’t be afraid to get hurt. That’s what makes you who you are today. And you’re pretty amazing”

They had hugged briefly before she made her way towards the metro, on her way back to her home city the next day. He had stuck her note in front of his work desk, where he could see it everyday and smile, reflect on memories not created, because he had been too pre-occupied with philosophy, books and trying to come up with ways to be more productive, like deliberately thinking and visualizing about his future lifestyle, his travails mostly revolving around mountain tops, beaches, mansions and drugs, while frolicking around with his companion, their hands joined constantly as if intertwined permanently.

He headed downstairs to the community kitchen at his work space after a few minutes, to pick up a plate, that was made of an eco-friendly material, and a stainless steel knife, holding it as if he were ready to stab someone given the slightest chance, but no one came within his reach or tried to provoke him. Pulling out his bread and peanut butter spread from the drawer located towards the rightmost bottom corner of his desk, he settled down to reflect upon his day for a few minutes, drawing back to the dream he had had early morning, a few minutes before his eyes snapped open at seventeen minutes pas six. He had been dancing naked around a bonfire with a group of lions, the background score a fast paced punk rock tune, that seemed to get faster by the second, only for the lions to crawl over each other on all fours, leaving him to help himself to all the food.

Later, while he had been working out in the gym, trying hard not to check out the woman after he had so, for a few seconds in the beginning, he had realized that if not for the simple hack of beginning something new, no matter how small the new step was, through self-motivating himself or being compelled to do so for financial or health reasons, he would have never seen the light of day, because, given a choice, he would give up being productive, via mind or body, sit back and blaze himself to oblivion, and still have the gall and audacity to believe he was entitled to a life of comfort, misusing his privilege of being well read and spoken, by doing the bare minimum and getting paid for it.

Deep, deep inside his mind, he knew how capable he was, and his mind, like the most majority of everyone, tried its best to perform the classic self-sabotage act of goading him into submission, as if trying to tell him to rest and give it a shot later, when he was in a better frame of mind. It was all lies. How he wished he didn’t need any amount of sleep or food, and could function only on the energy of the universe, absorbing its invisible magnetic fields as a fuel for his body and carry himself towards all his wildest dreams, dreams that involved having sex in places like the Eiffel Tower and hallucinating about flying towards outer space.

He held all his wildest dreams in great regard. They gave a sense of meaning and purpose to his life. After all, if one wasn’t obsessed about seeking pleasure through every means possible, preferably long-term, what was the point of life? As far as he was concerned, once scientists discovered how exactly the human brains generated consciousness and intelligence and completely mapped the human DNA, human kind would know only bliss, leading to the formation of drugs that could be ingested everyday, every hour even, without any side effects whatsoever. Maybe, humans wold even live longer, that is of course they weren’t murdered or killed off before. He himself planned to arm himself with an array of weapons once he could afford to do so.

The best part about the future was the amount of learning that was required to completely utilize the features of the knowledge based economy. He would constantly reinvent himself. Who knew what he would be doing in a decade’s time. He could be dancing naked with lions, for all he knew.

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