How To Unleash Excellence From Within One’s Self

He closed his eyes and mentioned a small note of thank you for his wonderful life to nobody in particular.

He meant it for himself.

He was thanking himself, or rather his wonderful mind for attracting wonderful people into his wonderful life. He hoped to meet more wonderful people going forward. He felt confident that he would, especially in light of the fact that he had turned around his life in the last three months in ways he hadn’t thought possible, from meeting her to making a mark on some wonderful people with his thoughts, opinions and ideas, which were firmly grounded in facts gleaned from books and reliable online sources.

Most importantly, in the last three months, he had begun to believe.

He had begun to believe that good times were coming and had been willing to put in a few hours to become more aware of himself, his strengths and weaknesses, to carve a niche for himself, his personality, a distinction from all the other personalities out there each trying to hustle for themselves to get ahead personally or professionally. He had begun to believe that everything he imagined himself to become in one year’s time would become reality, that he would attract the right people under the right circumstances to accomplish things beyond his wildest dreams.

He had begun to believe that he was in firm control of all his thoughts and actions, that, he wasn’t being guided by external forces, rather each and every thought and action emanated from within his core instinct and not from a collective’s point of view. He would listen to no one, until and unless the thought or action resonated with his individual self, refusing to settle for mediocrity, since he had had enough of mediocrity in his life. He wanted only excellence in his life.

He had begun to believe that great things were coming into his life soon, and he would evolve, into someone stronger, faster and sharper, with a keen sense of where the world was going to move and how exactly it was going to. He wanted to know everything. He wanted to feel the pulse of the world, and determine how he was going to move across the world seeding value and knowledge, to benefit everyone who would tag along with him on his journey towards enlightenment and complete bliss of the mind, sober or otherwise.

He knew exactly what to do.  

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