She Was Going To Join Him Soon

They hadn’t spoken or messaged for three days.

The thought gnawed, clawed and poked at him every few seconds, while he tried his best to focus on the tasks at hand, which was to train himself not to waver from his long-term desires and wishes no matter how overwhelmed he would be in the time to come, because, for how long was he supposed to bottle up his talent and potential to do great things?

He was capable of unwavering focus, a power to unravel the relationships and inter-connectedness of his brain with the reality around him, intent to shape reality according to his wishes and desires by thinking the right thoughts and acting upon them with determined intensity till the desire revealed itself complete, provided he was in the correct moment to receive them fully and gratefully.

He was afraid they would never speak to each other again.

He thought about it, aware that the possibilities were there so. But he didn’t want to move on. He wouldn’t. He would stay friends with her and talk to her, even if it meant making the first move after that incident, where she had declared that he was a waste of her time, her ‘bye’ sounding final and decided. It wasn’t a complicated situation. He just liked her too much, much more than usual, in part because of how perfect she seemed. The only problem was his competition and her frigid responses, leaving their dynamic hanging looser than an over-stretched thread, if not having been snapped already.

But what if they never spoke to each other?

A small welling of tears appeared, hovered near his eyes and slipped back in, its momentary appearance caused due to a fleeting image whereby her picture had been breaking apart into pieces as pointed as shards of glass, and hurling themselves towards him, his corpse propped up by the same shards that had impaled his insides. He had never known a girl like her, even if they spoke or met so little. Her radiance, as bright as the moon, reminded him of a tigress on the lookout for her prey. Every time he saw her, her swaying motion gliding towards him slowly, confidently, strutting around with an arrogant gait, his breath caught up in his chest, leaving him wheezing around for words, wanting to hold her in his arms for eternity, while whispering softly in her ears.

The tears welled up a little again. What if they never spoke to each other?

He had no choice but to wait and believe. And he believed. He would never loose hope and victimize his luck no matter how much he wanted to let his emotions come pouring out. Maybe, something better would happen. Anything could happen in a week or a month. It was an uncertain world, dictated by the actions and circumstances of billions all over the world, every week, every day and every second. He believed his dreams would come true and he was being guided unconsciously towards them, whether he wanted to or not. He would take a leap of faith and persevere, force himself to get out of bed every morning, believing everything was possible. Everything.

Every single thought.

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