Romantic Thoughts About The Beautiful Future That Beckoned, For Some

They had had a lovely candlelight dinner with a view of the entire city.

After desert, while they were sitting together, arms wrapped around, deep in lip lock, both of them felt the gradual rise of a deep, meaningful connection, akin to beautiful rivers and mountain sides, with all their splendour, touching the skies; the water, as fresh and life giving as ever, with lotuses floating on the surface being the ideal setting to kindle the fires raging in their hearts; fires that warranted calming and lust at the same time, the ebb and tide of affection never dying down, as they lifted each other to a higher state of consciousness to believe and achieve all their cherished desires and dreams.

They felt each other’s breathing envelop their lungs, completely, without any abandon, like the joining of two massive skies, each filled with a thunder that could shake the core of the earth if interlocked completely. They were breathing slightly faster now, with a sudden urgency, just a tad bit of moaning, while they tore at each other’s mouths as if they was no tomorrow, as if the next second would be their last. A hazy red hue filled background, which reminded one of the flares used to vent colour to an anger filled gathering, began filling up the sky, drenched with a coat of rain, which seemed to signal the lazy wrath of the heavens, looking at the lust filled couple below.

The backdrop was perfect, so perfect that they decided to break off and have some more red wine, in anticipation of the long night that lay ahead of them, a night both of them wanted to adore, and cherish every moment of. Their hearts pumped vigorously, all the traces of tiredness in their faces having vanished long ago the moment the candle had been lit. They felt one, a union of two human beings complementing each other to elevate the other physically, mentally and spiritually.

Their eyes never left the other’s and every strand of muscle and neuron in their bodies vibrated with the other’s. They were truly one. Glasses clinked, eyes firmly locked, radiant smiles in place, they held hands, seeing themselves in each other, completely at peace, secure in the knowledge that they had found what they were seeking for, for so long. For so long that, each had battled with their individual personalities, procrastinating over the smallest of things, completely unaware of their potential to achieve anything they believed and set their hearts to.

The future was going to be glorious.

He felt the oncoming waves of pleasure as he thought about what was in store for humanity in general. Everlasting bliss was the fundamental aspect of all progress. Since the first human being who began manipulating plants to grow them deliberately; to the human being codifying every cell of the human DNA, humanity had come so long, and yet, so much was left to be done. The biosphere had simply not come to terms with the speed and alacrity of human beings for jumping straight towards the top of the food chain, on the verge of exterminating everyone below them because the ecosystem that had sustained all life had simply not been able to develop checks and balances to accommodate such a feat. The result was climate change. A miracle was needed in the adoption of renewable energy and humans needed to become an inter-galactic species.

They needed to figure out quickly and understand how to get in the thick of these things, because to be left behind was not an option. It wasn’t as if they would compare themselves to the men and women who were currently better off, because for them, life was about bliss, which could come only to an extent from material desires, but much more infinitely from natural or artificial mental stimulation.

Life was beautiful. They were grateful for everything they had. And that would ensure they would get more.

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