Do You Know What To Do?

“I love, love the way that you talk, it feels like Adele, singing to me”

He mumbled the lyrics for a few minutes and let the tune play inside his head indefinitely, leaving the task of regulating the lyrics, going forwards to his sub-conscious mind, while he tried his best to shift his focus towards the things that mattered to him, like his goals, which he had penned down diligently the previous evening.

The skies outside beseeched him to get high, on anything.

He had found himself thinking only about her for the past few hours. It wasn’t fixation or obsession, which would be downright unhealthy. They were just..thoughts, after all. He had tried to monitor his thoughts the previous evening and had found himself drifting from her to islands, lakes, mountains, burgers, banks, athletes and brands, the takeaway being that there was too much clutter out in the world, and everyone was trying to get up and cultivate good habits, only for their minds to render them lazy and helpless in the face of an avalanche of products and services, claiming to help them feel good in whatever way possible.

His time was running out.

Sometimes, he felt as if his fate didn’t depend on him, which was frivolous to think, but he felt as if he were blind, running helter-skelter towards nothing in particular. It was unfathomable, but he didn’t know who he truly was. It was maddening. He couldn’t understand how things had come to a head like this. Such thoughts were not conducive. He shepherded his focus towards the tasks immediately at hand, and decided to take a few deep breaths, chanting the fact that great things were going to happen soon, and that current events were just the darkest moments before the eventual dawn.

He knew what to, he knew what to do, he keep reassuring himself. So what if things didn’t go according to his wishes? All that he could do was strive to give his best wherever possible, both personally and professionally, and keep his belief steadfast and intact, never hesitating to smile and help others whenever possible. He would never compromise his values of liberalism, empathy and open-mindedness. He would not. Good things were coming. They surely would.

He knew what to do.

He would never stop. He would never surrender. He would not let the fire in his heart go out. So saying, he decided to stop using the words ‘never’ and ‘not’. Positive affirmations were the key to a healthy mind, and he would ensure that not a single negative word or thought entered his mind going forwards. He had been preaching this fact for a few months now, and now was the right time to put his thoughts into action.

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