Believe And It Shall Happen. How To Push Yourself Towards The Greater.

He let himself loose into the topic at hand and immersed into it like an Olympic level diver executing his dive, perfected after years of honing his craft. He didn’t emerge from it for several hours, just checking his phone after every twenty minutes or so, for messages if any. That was the thing, he had muted all his notifications, with the result that, other than calls, he wouldn’t be distracted by all the prompts and alerts which his colleagues and friends were subject to for every second of the day. It was a productivity killer in his opinion. Science backed him too.

He loved the feeling of being totally immersed. During those moments, he felt he could feel tiny neurons or impulses, move about inside his brain, sloshing against each other, linking the newly ingested information with all his associated memories of the years and months gone by, in a bid to digest as much information as possible to understand how and why something was happening because of something leading to something else happening, and then trying to figure out why such a thing was leading to something. The process was exhilarating if anything. There was a thrill involved, which was difficult to put into words, but nevertheless something everyone related to, consciously or unconsciously.

Being in love was something similar. A mental state of being upon which both or multiple individuals related to, like the perfect, complementing union of thoughts, values and principles of living together as a team, making each other better in the process, both mentally and physically. Everlasting bliss was not possible by any stretch of measure, but love did get close, at least during the moments of physical intimacy, whereby just the feeling of holding your beloved in your arms made one, wish such moments overcame the mundane fundamental, universal limitations of time and energy.

He hoped drugs could be developed, tested and released into the market sometime in the foreseeable future, which ensured a blissful state of being, yet was productivity-inducing and withheld any possible side-affects. He would buy the drug at once and consume it. He wasn’t an addict, just someone who believed in science, biotechnology and computer science to be more precise, for these subjects could extend and in some cases, completely eliminate the limitations of the human mind to accomplish wonders and wonders for the well-being of humanity, but with the limitation of them getting into the wrong hands.

He wanted to manipulate his mind, and train it day by day, and fool it into believing that survival wasn’t the purpose anymore, and that it shouldn’t limit the vestiges of his mind to lay itself back after a brief moment of productivity, rather, it should overcome its tendency of being cautious, towards becoming open-minded at all times, to be experimenting at all times, and not be afraid of the consequences, until and unless it involved the loss of life itself, in which case, again, it wouldn’t matter anyway. People would move on. Change was the only constant. People died, who cared? He felt death should be an open topic to be discussed and talked about more often, rather than hushing it down the carpet the moment the topic turned up.

He saw his current predicament in a lot of ways, and realized most of the predicaments were imaginary, simply functions that his mind had erected sub-consciously, when the fact was, just like life itself, they were..nothing. Purposeless, aimless and pointless, just like how life exactly was, an accident featuring the involvement of energy and a lot of complexities regarding adapting to the conditions and environment of planet Earth, which were best explained currently by the theory of evolution, unless, a better explanation came forth sometime in the future.

Of course, God was an answer as well.

However, he preferred to look upon the stories of God, his (her) disciples as just that..stories, written and exaggerated upon by human beings generations after a few select mortals had gone on to achieve extraordinary acts and capabilities. And religion, being an amalgamation of all such stories written down and passed from generation to generation, was the great unifier, simply because it was a story which a mass of humanity believed in at the same time, to co-operate together and be a part of something much bigger than themselves.

He didn’t look down upon God or Religion at all. Rather, he looked at them in wonder and thought, about their significance for mankind over all the years gone by in humanity’s fabled history, moulding everything from rapid agricultural expansion to wars and the rise of the bureaucracy and political systems worldwide.

What a time to live and make love.

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