You Can Change Yourself To Become Whatever You Want.

For as long as he could remember, irrespective of the characters and personalities of every individual he had met in his life so far, he had always preferred to focus on their best traits and ignore the worst ones, mainly because, he had realized that over the long-term, it paid to be good and do good. Irrespective of the stick that he received sometimes whether verbally or through thought, what was he to do anything, but continue to be whoever he was, whatever he was, with the only caveat being his belief that he had given his best personally and professionally.

Sometimes, he felt as if he were living in a simulation, a universe that was a sub-set of several mother universes, each being one simulation within the other, and during other times, he felt life was an accident, the result of a fortuitous set of circumstances which intermingled the phenomena of energy and time, leading to the creation of the first set of living cells that ultimately led to human life as we now know it, a product of at least thirteen and a half billion years, a number he didn’t know how scientists had arrived at. He would find out shortly.

He was currently working on something that was making him uncomfortable, in the sense that it required him to read, write and speak more. Much more than what he was doing currently, and his brain was doing its best to sabotage his conscious self, in the form of procrastination and distraction. Once, it had made him scroll Instagram for a full two and half hours on a never-ending loop of sorts, post which he had proceeded to mute all the notifications he received on his smartphone. Once it had made him stare into space and think constantly about sex. Once it had made his thoughts drift away from the task at hand, as suddenly as swatting away an irksome fly.

He did realize that many key aspects like exercise, nutrition and sleep would play a role in ensuring he remained and extended the peaks of his productivity. He hadn’t been focussing on food lately, often skipping breakfast and sometimes even lunch, that too on the same day, with the result that by the time dinner time would arrive, he would be as hungry as a ravaging lion tearing into a pack of deer. Often, he noticed the quality of the food that he sought, from restaurants of a questionable nature, would cause his stomach to feel slightly bloated, and on googling the result, he had found himself ruing the nature of the unorganized fast food business on people like him, looking for a quick fix.

The urge to not do anything was so great that he knew the same problem plagued many people, and the consumption of information, no matter how trivial or constructive, on online media networks, made people feel as if they were doing a lot of productive work, which they weren’t. Consumption followed by creation was productive, not consumption in itself. There was an information overload out there, with every portal and person claiming to have fresh original insights and opinions about anything and everything, but usefulness was the key, not quantity.

He felt himself getting excited the more he thought about the opportunity that lay out there, to do some good work. Productivity was one broad aspect, underneath which each and every aspect that combined to maximize one’s worth, were the key to having a great and wonderful life, the only caveat being that one required patience and perseverance to accomplish what one wanted to do. As children, the brain attuned itself through repetition and intimation, and it was the same for adults, the only difference being that adults had more things to repeat, intimate and learn, the result being a lack of focus on one thing at a time, and spreading oneself so thin across so many things that the brain preferred to simply let the whole matter of productivity be at rest, and console itself for another day.

What a way to live.  The choice is yours. The choice is clear.           

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