What Do You Believe In?

They looked at each other and waved, their brief interaction lasting for exactly two seconds, while his mind went on to dwell upon the brief memory for another twenty, punctuated in between by flashes of images which resembled her face plastered on walls and other shapes like buildings and alleyways.

He felt so drowsy that his eyes felt like slits containing a dark liquid, its secretion of warm tears reminding him time and again that, right now, his calling lay towards comfort, serenaded with rose water, plant-based hair and body gels and other assortments of creams and oils, to soothe his body as gently as a lover, in a bid to make him forget about the trivial matters that sought one’s attention daily, like food, people, responsibilities and saving for the future.

The day had dawned bright, only to turn gloomy by mid-afternoon, but he felt the vagaries of the climate ought not to hamper the moods or feelings of people towards their work, because their work required energy, fossil fuelled energy which did require the vagaries of climate to be taken into account, especially when, science said climate change was a real phenomenon, which would turn a blind eye to the moods or feelings of the masses of humanity who clung on to mediocrity as they waltzed around without an inkling of the fate that was to befall them.

Day to day mood swings and feelings were best left ignored and not things to be complained about by devoting time and energy towards them because the job of the brain wasn’t to make one feel happy, satisfied or content, but rather to be cautious and not too open-minded. The brain hadn’t evolved with the pace it had needed to, to keep up with humankind’s drive to know and understand more, to shape nature according to their needs, with the result that, it still thought modern humans were in the jungles, and hence the need to be alert and cautious at all times against predators, which in today’s case meant adopting good habits and getting out of one’s comfort zone in order to grow and develop new skills and capabilities for oneself.

No matter how much one stressed oneself every day, by thinking about the past or the future, leveraging our tendency to look ahead positively or negatively depending on our genes or the environment around us, the fact is that…it didn’t matter at all. It didn’t matter at all because, only those thoughts which were specific and desired for, dearly, would cause one to take action and work towards them. What matters is, if you can continue doing what you like, day in, day out and keep at it, constantly, every day, it is only then that you would watch yourself evolve into the person you thought about every day.

Everyone was fighting and dreaming about the same things.

Money. Physique. Beautiful Home. Being surrounded by Nature’s beauty. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Community. Clothes. Shoes. Accessories. Cars. Bikes. Spouse. Food. Drink. Adventure. Gadgets. Internet. What else? Everyone wanted the same things and were fighting over the same pool of resources, without taking the time to understand the fundamentals of the systems that governed the extraction and conversion of natural resources.

Which systems are these?

Starting with one human being, who is a function of his or her genetic composition and his or her environment while growing up and during adulthood, producing one particular world view, or a way to interpret life according to his or her perspective, we can clearly see that networks of such human beings have created the financial system, political system and law and judiciary system, supplemented by the imagined orders of Religion and God, shaped into cultures and nations, in order for large amounts of human beings to co-operate and uplift each other’s living standards.

Now it is up to you to decipher your belief system, figure out which working system you belong to, understand how it works, dream about changing the system into something better, believe that you deserve to do so, overcome the naysayers who don’t see any point in doing so, and then go ahead and do it, every single day until what you envisioned becomes reality.

Read, write, think, repeat. Please.           

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