You’re The Thinker, You’re the Doer

He couldn’t feel anything in spite of acknowledging that he had a problem. After throwing seven marijuana hits at the problem, he realized the problem actually did exist in reality, and wasn’t a figment of his imagination, hence, warranting attention, deliberation and a keen focus to solve it by inculcating small improvements every day, which would compound themselves over a few days and manifest themselves into reality in a few months if not weeks.

It sounded like a great plan. Until he passed out, intoxicated.

When his eyes opened a few hours later, he found himself where he had been so, for the past two days, on a couch, littered with burnt out cigarettes and pizza boxes, smoking paraphernalia and other assortments of food wrappers that signaled negativity, laziness and procrastination, because what else could such a scenario possibly signal? He grinned at the scene that lay in front of him, a lazy grin more out of pity than anything.

He opened his laptop and watched a few people on YouTube talking about the future of the world’s energy resources and requirements, with tidbits and dire warnings about the consequences and repercussions of climate change and rising sea levels, no doubt characterized by the the recent funeral of the first-ever glacier to die because of global warming.

His thoughts drifted towards the future, about himself, his goals, his dreams, his relationships..his life, and wondered what was the point of life itself, knowing fully well about the aimlessness, pointlessness and purposelessness of life, a result of a fortunate series of energy interactions that had led to the origin of the first living cell. For a moment, he imagined his face plastered in front of a single-celled organism, roaming, deep under the depths of gigantic oceans containing crystal-clear water.

He chuckled, again imagining his single celled self drifting under the ocean for all those millions of years, trying to find another of himself, preferably of the opposite sex, because if nothing else, there was a joy in keeping company with someone who reciprocated with both physical and mental intimacy, owing to the innate need of organisms to bond, mingle and talk about themselves to each other, in a bid to see if things led somewhere, personally or professionally.

His mind harked back to the age when his ancestors accidentally discovered fire. Of course, he was assuming that all human beings emerged from one single line of apes whose DNA had mutated in some form in comparison to their ape species and gradually evolved to turn into erect backed humans. He marveled at the ingenuity of it all, the fact that humans, fortunately or otherwise had created astounding leaps in productivity and living standards. Not all human beings of course, just the ones who thought, acted and loved, loved the process of thinking, tinkering and creating, pouring out their hearts and individual expressions into materials, moulding the elements of the earth into innate extensions of their personalities, seeking to uplift the consciousness of themselves and their fellow human beings.

The renaissance period that emerged in Europe in the late 15th century had been preceded by the glorious age of the explorers, from Christopher Columbus to Vasco Da Gama. However, it does need to be stated that if the Chinese shipping fleets which outsized, out-muscled and out-thought every European vessel by a million notches, led by the legendary admiral Zhang He, hadn’t turned back towards China, it may well have been that the Chinese would have captured Europe and the West, rather than the other way around.

Maybe, history was coming back. Maybe, that’s why the Chinese and their Asian allies feel that they had the right to lead the world in terms of technological capabilities, and outrun every western nation, in their quest to return their empire back to the heights of the world, where they rightfully belonged. What a time to live indeed. The thinkers of the world had the world to themselves, to do whatever they pleased, with all their righteous wills of making the lives of the bottom billion better through the strength of their backs and will of their minds alone, their capacity to bend reality according to their wishes, harnessing the power of computer science, material science and biotechnology to create new frontiers of development, the likes of which, that would astound the most naysayer of people.

People, who moaned and wailed that technology was a barrier and an impediment to the cause of humanity, rather than a mass enabler, rather than creating tools and platforms for the world’s potential to converge and uplift multiple minds and bodies on a scale, that wasn’t possible anytime in the storied history of the world’s greatest civilizations.

Rejoice, for the mantle is upon you to make use of your mind. You’re the thinker, the creator, not the looter or the moocher, who is a parasite that feeds on the innovations of the creator for gains that he or she scarcely deserves. Rejoice, the creator, long live the creator, for it is through the minds of the producers of original thoughts and ideas, going against the maligned opposition of negatively oriented people, who wail at the triviality of life, that the looters and moochers themselves have come to exist.

Rejoice. Rejoice, the creator.

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