Revealed: The Best Morning Of Your Life

Sins was having a great morning.

Everything had gone exactly as he had imagined it to be, during the previous night, a couple of minutes before his consciousness had progressed towards a blissful state, where lights and objects of various shades and shapes had coalesced around each other like spirits gliding towards the starry night.

Alcohol had flown freely, recklessly, without abandon, as if the body was just a vessel of debauchery, to be used as and when required by intoxicants of all kinds, for wanton mindful pleasures, until the inevitable fall, when the world would come crashing down, when the vessel could take no more, having exhausted its ingestion capacity, but not before a final physical climax, in a bid to connect oneself in body and spirit with others, literally and emotionally.

At eight in the morning, he had woken up beside two gently breathing bodies, their arms wrapped tightly around each other, as if afraid to let go. The room was enveloped in a cigarette like-hue, with a mixture of hungover perfume, some alcohol and empty food boxes from the previous night. Their clothes lay strewn on the floor, seemingly abandoned in a hurry, as if the urgency had been too much, as if the lust had a time limit of sorts, before the mind gave itself up with exhaustion, filled to the brim with drunken stupor and euphoria.

He scourged around the small comfortable, cosy hotel room looking for a cigarette, but could only find empty boxes filled with ash left over from last night. Dressing up, he roused his friends quickly, and watched their bodies scamper across the floor in shock, their breaths laced with curses about the lateness of the time, a fact that wasn’t well accepted, since they were relatively early risers, plus fitness enthusiasts to boot, men and women who cared about being as productive as possible, punctuated by sessions designed to bring out their wilder sides as and when required.

They left the hotel, a happy bunch, wishing their patrons a good morning and a good day. The patrons stared at the group knowingly, smiling all the while, glad to get business from young, youthful twenty somethings out to have a good time. Outside, they hailed three cabs, and whisked away in three different directions, tapping away at their smartphones, arranging for their breakfasts to be delivered at their workplaces and to begin planning their respective professional courses of action for the day in their heads, whilst wishing they could just lie in bed all day.

Sins reached his workplace and stared at the structure for a few seconds, outside, imagining the steel foundations as its skeletal structure, held together by cement, bounded by human labour, whilst being supervised by planners, architects and civil engineers, all because space needed to be used as efficiently as possible while ensuring productive things happened continuously.

He headed up straight upstairs and hit the gym with a vengeance, feeling the sweat gushing from his face, purging his body off the intoxicants ingested last night, all the while, images being flashed across his mind, bordering the heated sex, the laughs, wads of money being exchanged, couples dancing on the floor, gigantic honeybees taking over the world and spaceships appearing out of nowhere asking for him to be handed over to them, because he had invoked them in his dreams.

Smiling stupidly at the thoughts about spaceships, he showered hurriedly, feeling as if he could do anything and everything, from visualizing how his future would look like to executing the world’s biggest genocide. His day had officially begun. Arriving downstairs, he waved at a few early arrivals, and grabbed the breakfast that had been kept for him. Mentally thanking the food-tech companies, he attacked the sausages, sunny side-up eggs, bread, butter, mushrooms, mashed potatoes and baked beans, feeling like the lord of the universe.

What a beginning to the day.

Grinning, he decided to read for an hour. Peace.

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